Is the Post Office Closed on Columbus Day 2022?

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On Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day 2022, which falls on Monday, October 10, 2022, most schools, universities, and workplaces are closed. We can tell you if the Post Office will be open or closed on Columbus Day in 2022.

Every year in the United States, the federal holiday known as Columbus Day is observed. It honors Christopher Columbus’ 1492 voyage to the Americas. While individuals enjoy a day off from work, several celebrations are happening all around the United States.

On this day, many individuals consider sending greetings or other significant goods by Postal. If you have the same plans, you should be aware of whether mail delivery and the post office are open on the holiday.

Is the Post Office Open on Columbus Day 2022?

No, the Post Office won’t be operating on Columbus Day 2022 and will remain closed (Monday, October 10th). This is in celebration of the American federal holiday. You won’t be able to visit your neighborhood USPS office, send packages there, or make use of any of its other services.

All federal holidays are observed by the USPS (United States Postal Service), which is why it is closed on certain days. One of them is Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day. As a result, on Monday, October 10, 2022, all Post Offices are closed.

Some of their internet services will still be available, though. This involves purchasing additional postal materials, printing labels, ordering boxes, and obtaining stamps. However, there will no longer be any important services like mailing packages, delivering mail, and running offices.

Will mail and package delivery run on Columbus Day? (2022)

Will mail and package delivery run on Columbus Day (2022)

There will be no normal mail delivery on Columbus Day since the U.S. Postal Service does not operate on federal holidays and is closed on that day. Thus, there’s no need to check your mailbox on October 10 outside.

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Priority Mail Express delivery will be available nonetheless, as the service is stated to be available every day of the year. You may also use self-service kiosks, which should be available on the Columbus Day holiday. For comprehensive location and service information, it doesn’t hurt to use the U.S. Postal Service Locator.

Why is there no mail on Oct. 10?

Due to Columbus Day, no mail will be delivered on Monday, October 10. As Columbus Day is a federal holiday, there is no postal service and no mail delivery on that day. Hence, if you’re expecting mail, you’ll probably have to wait until Tuesday, October 11 to check your mailbox again to see if it arrived.


The following in 2022 are:

  • 1 is New Year’s Day (observed on Jan 3)
  • January 17 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • February 21 is Presidents Day.
  • May 30 is Memorial Day.
  • June 19 is Juneteenth (observed on June 20)
  • Fourth of July, July 4
  • Labor Day: September 5
  • October 10th: Columbus Day
  • 11 is Veterans Day.
  • Holiday: November 24
  • Christmas Eve: December 24 (observed on Dec 26)

Annual Holidays on Which Post Office is Closed

Annual Holidays on Which Post Office is Closed

The United States Postal Service is closed on the eleven official federal holidays each year, including Columbus Day. The following days in 2022 will see the Post Office closed and its operations suspended:

  • January 1st, a Saturday, is New Year’s Day.
  • January 17 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Monday, February 21, is Presidents Day.
  • Memorial Day is on May 30, a Monday.
  • Monday, June 20 is Juneteenth National Independence Day (observed as June 19, the date of the newest federal holiday, falls on a Sunday)
  • Independence Day is on July 4th, Monday.
  • Monday, September 5 is Labor Day.
  • On Monday, October 10, is Columbus Day.
  • Veterans Day is on November 11, a Friday.
  • Thanksgiving is on November 24, a Thursday.
  • Christmas: December 26 Monday (observed as December 25 falls on a Sunday)

Will FedEx and UPS Deliver on Columbus Day 2022?

Among the private businesses that choose their timetables are FedEx and UPS (United Parcel Service). During several federal holidays, like Columbus Day 2022, they are open in part or whole.

For the next federal holiday on Monday, FedEx and UPS will continue to offer regular delivery services. When the USPS is closed, you may still use them to post your packages and receive any that others send via them.

On Columbus Day 2022, both the UPS Stores and the retail FedEx Office locations will be open as usual. Nonetheless, it may be wiser to phone the branch first before leaving.

People are living farther apart, thus the post office and postal services are now necessary. Even a single day’s stop might cause a lot of disruptions.

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