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The process of calculating and tracking sales- and performance-based remuneration is automated by commission tracking software. These platforms often incorporate commission monitoring, sales forecasting, and payment processing and are mostly employed in sectors including sales, insurance, real estate, and finance. We examined a dozen leading vendors for essential features that would aid in sales management and commissions in order to determine the best commission tracking software.

The best small businesses are:

  • Pipedrive: Best for individuals or small commission-based sales teams that want a customer relationship manager (CRM) with simple goal tracking using visual pipelines
  • Blitz: Best for industries that utilize incentive programs, such as insurance, real estate, finance, and retail
  • QCommission: Best for businesses that want a solution for accurate commission payment calculations from contract to statement

Performio: Best Overall Commission Tracking Software
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  • Has a scoreboard that compares employees’ performance to that of their peers
  • provides powerful tools for commission forecasting
  • Goal-setting tools with performance monitoring and round-the-clock live chat assistance


  • requires a time-consuming setup procedure for personalised plans
  • few integrations with outside parties
  • geared at companies with more than 50 salespeople

Performio Pricing

You must call Performio for a price as the company no longer provides pricing information online.

We weren’t able to gather the most recent price. The data below is from our most recent update (2021).

  • Starter: $20 per month (up to 30 users)
  • Standard: $25 per month (up to 300 users)
  • Professional: $30 per month (up to 300 users)

Performio provides users with the necessary tools for commission-based pay calculation. They may personalise commission schedules and sales reward programmes. Additionally, it gives users access to a commission table that displays an exhaustive list of all payouts and the individuals who received them. Its commission forecasting tool may forecast commission-related statistics, outcomes, and accomplishment percentages.

On our scoring scale, Performio received a 4.38 out of 5. It performed admirably in all other categories as well while topping the list for support and value. But this supplier has few third-party connectors and a time-consuming setup procedure. Users who seek a simple-to-use solution should look at Pipedrive, but those who need substantial third-party connectors could go into QCommission or Blitz.

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Performio Pricing

Performio says it provides a tailored price based on the size of the organisation but does not post its cost online. We didn’t get a quotation, but we were advised that they think automating sales commissions is only beneficial for businesses with 50+ personnel. They do, however, have ideas for smaller teams that work with complicated or large amounts of data. On our list, there are several commission trackers with programmes that may successfully handle smaller businesses.

Performio Features

Performio offers solutions for simple forecasting and commission computation. In contrast to other items on our list, it might take some effort to set up and learn but features great 24/7 customer assistance.

Below are features we find most beneficial for users:

  • Commission tracking for agents: Encourage sales representatives by defining and tracking goals, including rollups and sales crediting. On desktop and mobile (Apple app only; Pipedrive provides apps for both iOS and Android devices), it gives agents access to all of their performance information, real-time leaderboards, commission payouts, and commission estimations.
  • Robust reports: It may give sales managers commission summaries and thorough transaction data for each of their agents. Additionally, it provides data-driven insights on the efficiency of incentive plans and the success of sales teams.
  • Commission dispute tools: Utilise commission tables and overrides to quickly manage contentious matters and risky circumstances.
  • Forecasting: It’s What If calculator offers modelling and forecasting capabilities, which is a feature that sets it apart from the other products on our list and enables customers to precisely anticipate commission charges and manage accruals.
  • Integrations: Although it has less interfaces than some of the others on the list, it does function with several of the major players in the sector, including Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, and DocuSign.
  • Excellent customer support: includes client success manager, implementation, one-on-one training, and round-the-clock support worldwide. According to Performio, almost all problems may be resolved in under a day.

Pipedrive: Best Commission Tracking Software for Managing Sales Pipelines

Pipedrive: Best Commission Tracking Software for Managing Sales Pipelines
Pipedrive: Software for Managing Sales Pipelines


  • Sales pipelines are simply shown visually.
  • provides reports on revenue forecasts.
  • Live chat and email are available to customers constantly.


  • Over 300 integrations
  • Payroll processing requires connection with a third party.
  • Lacks functionality for in-app commission computation.
  • No telephone supports

Pipedrive Pricing

Monthly Rates

  • Essential: $19.90 per user monthly
  • Advanced: $34.90 per user monthly
  • Professional: $59.90 per user monthly
  • Enterprise: $119 per user monthly
  • Power: $69.90 per user monthly
  • Free trial: 14 days

Annual rates

  • Essential: $14.90 per user monthly
  • Advanced: $24.90 per user monthly
  • Professional: $49.90 per user monthly
  • Power: $59.90 per user monthly
  • Enterprise: $99 per user monthly

Pipedrive is a CRM system with goal tracking that enables users to determine incentive compensations based on either individual or team success. It has straightforward and highly visible sales pipelines. Users may get deal statistics through its Insights tool, which details how many chances sales people won or lost and why. For organisations that wish to pay their salespeople based on performance-to-goal calculations monitored within their CRM, it is a terrific option. Otherwise, it’s a terrific option for individuals who desire sales monitoring Aswell because of its Kanban board and simple access to sales initiatives.

Pipedrive comes in second to Performio on our scale with a score of 4.32 out of 5. It advanced significantly because to its cost and usability, but it also provided a wealth of fantastic features. It should be noted that while the insights’ function may be used to track commissions, Pipedrive lacks in-app commission calculating facilities and relies on third parties to make payments. Consider Commissionly if you require both in one system.

Pipedrive Pricing

One of the few products on our list that explicitly displays pricing is Pipedrive (the other products give quotations; Commissionly and NextAgency also publish costs). It is superior to most of the others on our list since it has no minimum user requirement. It is also the most affordable option for small firms with a few salespeople. One of the few companies that offers a free trial is Pipedrive.

Pipedrive Features   

Users of Pipedrive have access to tools that allow them to compute commissions depending on performance right from their CRM dashboard. It contains ongoing commissions, such as those from service plans. We preferred the lead organisation board in the Kanban method over Performio.

Below are features we find most beneficial for users:

  • Kanban board project management: It is an intuitive sales project management application that offers card-based progress management. Each card opens to provide project details and tools that may be used to pursue the transaction all the way to completion.
  • Detailed reports: It delivers reports that offer insights on win rates and sales cycle length to help customers improve their sales operations; it is the only piece of software on the list that allows you to keep track of the reasons why a deal fell through.
  • Progress tracking: Users may create objectives for themselves, their teams, and the entire organisation, and then monitor their progress using real-time analytics on bespoke dashboards and CRM reports. Agents can easily keep track of their leads and sales objectives thanks to the pipelines’ visual representations.
  • Mobile apps for Android and Apple: No matter where they are, sales representatives and managers can monitor sales and view commission data thanks to the mobile applications (available for both iOS and Android). Although Blitz and Performio also offer apps, these are not nearly as well-liked as Pipedrive’s.
  • Integrations: More than 250 connections to well-liked lead generation, accounting, marketing, communication, and data management solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support: You may get strong assistance through email or chat.

Blitz: Best Commission Tracking Software with Industry-specific Incentive Features

Blitz: Best Commission Tracking Software with Industry-specific Incentive Features
Blitz: Software with Industry-specific Incentive Features


  • offers areas like retail and insurance solutions tailored to their own industries.
  • has a contemporary UI
  • Real-time commission calculations are offered.


  • Setup requires technical knowledge
  • Customizations demand technical assistance.

Blitz provides firms in the insurance, real estate, banking, and retail sectors with commission tracking systems that are industry-specific. Analytics, reporting, incentive projections, and real-time commission computations are some of its capabilities. It allows customers to create unique compensation plans that are customised to their procedures and requirements. Through its compensation calculation board, it also automates basic and complicated calculations.

Blitz received a score of 3.95 out of 5. Although the mobile tracking software is for your salespeople rather than management, we were nonetheless delighted. The industry-specific strategies are advantageous, and Blitz received high marks for its customised pipelines and reporting. It received a fantastic rating of 4.2 out of 5 from real people who used it in the real world, yet it is still ranked second lowest on our list. Our ease-of-use rankings reflect customer concerns regarding the software’s absence of some automation options and poor performance when there were a lot of entries. Performio could perform better if you have a huge sales staff, whereas Commissionly provides simpler adaptations.

Blitz Pricing

Blitz costs on a per-user basis and does not publish that cost online, similar to the majority of the products on our list. According to earlier study, the pricing is $19 per person each month. Reputable user-review website Capterra now lists $49 per month. For this update’s price, we tried contacting Blitz but were unsuccessful. If you’re interested, we advise setting up an online demo, which will contain prices specific to your circumstance.

Blitz Features

Blitz’s real-time commission computations and sales estimates make it simple for users to manage commissions. Its programme for computing commission for real estate, insurance, banking, and retail has been linked with industry best practises.

Below are features we find most beneficial for users:

  • Commission tracking: It assists customers in calculating commissions, visualising trends, hitting estimates, examining sales data, and streamlining the commission tracking process into a single platform. It has a feature that is exclusive to others on our list in that it also measures non-monetary rewards.
  • Attention to industry needs: Blitz commission rules automate and integrate data from various finance and insurance platforms, follow real estate best practises for calculating commissions, provide real-time commission tracking for retail, and provide flexible compensation schemes to meet the particular requirements of various industries.
  • Commission rules and automation: It requires fewer steps than QCommission to construct commission calculations thanks to its AI-enhanced rule creation approach. It automates commission computations and evaluates agents’ performance to determine which ones work best and which ones require additional instruction.
  • Integration: Although QCommission, Commissionly, and Pipedrive have additional possibilities, it interacts with well-known third-party programmes including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, QuickBooks, Close, Salesforce, HubSpot, Xero, and Bullhorn, which takes care of the essentials.
  • Available on mobile: For sales professionals to access current and projected commissions or to review earlier earnings reports, it offers a mobile app that is sleek and contemporary. Though not as well-liked as Pipedrive’s, it is ranked higher than Performio’s.

How We Evaluated

Utilising commission formulae, incentive compensation procedures are streamlined by commission tracking software. To motivate representatives to monitor their success and raise their commissions, it must contain practical features like leaderboards and real-time commission computations. It must to offer a selection of cost-effective pricing options.

In order to change the scoring matrix, we took into account the results of consumer surveys together with a more thorough analysis of similarities and actual user evaluations. There will be a modest shift in emphasis from pricing to evaluation of features and usability. Despite this, Performio still won due of its superior support and toolkit.


You require commission tracking software if your commissions become too numerous or complex to manage with a spreadsheet or your payroll processing software. With leaderboards, targets, and projections, this programme encourages salespeople and manages complicated commissioning rules and numerous payout schedules, eventually saving you time and inspiring your reps to increase sales.


What is sales commission software?

You can control and keep track of the bonuses that salespeople receive for promoting your items with the use of sales commission software. Bonuses, one-time commissions calculated as a percentage or fixed rate, or commissions on recurring purchases like subscriptions might all fall under this category. It not only assists you in motivating your sales representatives but also ensures that you pay them fairly and maintain up-to-date financial records.

How does commission tracking software differ from sales management software?

Your sales staff may manage the complete sales funnel with the use of sales management software, whereas commission tracking is solely concerned with the commission payment process. Some, like Pipedrive and NextAgency, combine the best of both, though.

How do you keep track of commissions?

You can monitor commissions in a spreadsheet if you are not using a sales commission programme like one of those mentioned above. For monitoring commissions and bonuses, some payroll software, such as Square and QuickBooks Payroll, has specific fields; however, other software simply allows you to track it as an extra pay feature.

How do you choose commission tracking software?

Based on the requirements of your business and its size, select the finest software for monitoring commissions. If your business is tiny and your commission structure is straightforward, you could only require payroll software or perhaps a spreadsheet. However, several of the sales management solutions on our list, like Pipedrive, make it simpler to track commissions in addition to sales. You will need a more specialised solution like Commissionly or Performio as your business grows and your commission schedule becomes more complicated.

What does sales commission tracking software do?

The top sales commission monitoring programmes do more than just keep track of who received what commissions when. These include resources like leaderboards and goal-setting to motivate your reps to do well. These give forecasting features so your reps can prepare for the future and integrate with payroll software or enable you pay directly from the programme. In addition, these link with well-known accounting and sales software to make it simple to transfer information. Naturally, the greatest ones are simple to use and give you quick and simple commission schedule changes.

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