A Mesmerizing Look Into The World’s Most Precious Red Sapphire.

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Red sapphires are some of the most beautiful and rare gems in the world. Known for their captivating deep red hue and mesmerizing sparkle, these precious stones have been coveted by royalty and the wealthy for centuries. In this blog post, we will take a mesmerizing look into the world’s most precious red sapphires, exploring their fascinating history and uncovering the reasons why these gems are so treasured.

Where Do Red Sapphires Come From?

Red sapphires are gemstones that can be found in many different places around the world. They are typically sourced from countries like Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Myanmar. They can also be found in other areas such as India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Red sapphires form in metamorphic rocks and are created when minerals like aluminum oxide are exposed to high temperatures and pressures. These temperatures and pressures cause the oxygen in the aluminum oxide to break apart and reform into tiny crystals which give the stone its beautiful red color.

The most common way to differentiate a red sapphire from a blue spinel is to look at their hardness. Red sapphires have a Mohs scale hardness of 9, while blue spinel has a hardness of 8. This means that the red sapphire is much more durable than the blue spinel, making it the perfect choice for everyday jewelry wear.

How Are They Cut And Polished?

Red sapphires are cut and polished in a number of ways to bring out their unique beauty. The most popular method is faceting, where the gemstone is cut into symmetrical flat surfaces called facets. These can be triangular, square, or any other shape the gem cutter chooses. The angles of the facets determine how much light is reflected off the stone, giving it its unique sparkle.

Another way to cut and polish red sapphires is by using cabochon cutting, which is usually reserved for softer stones such as blue spinel. This type of cut involves rounding off the edges of the stone and polishing it until it has a smooth, glossy finish. Cabochon cut red sapphires tend to have less sparkle than their faceted counterparts, but they can still be incredibly beautiful and eye-catching.

How Much Are They Worth?

Red sapphires are among the most valuable gemstones in the world. The price of a red sapphire can vary greatly, depending on its size, color, and quality. A high-quality, larger red sapphire can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, smaller or lower quality stones may be worth just a few hundred dollars. In comparison to other gems like blue spinel, red sapphires tend to have a higher value due to their rarity and beauty.

How Can You Tell If A Red Sapphire Is Real?

One of the best ways to tell if a red sapphire is real is to look for a characteristic blue spinel effect. The gemstone may have a slight blue hue to it when viewed through magnification, which is an indication of its authenticity. If this blue spinel effect is not present, then the gemstone might be a synthetic or imitation. Additionally, real red sapphires will also be heavier than imitations and other stones of a similar size. It’s also important to look for inclusions, or small imperfections, within the stone. These are found naturally in real red sapphires, but usually not in synthetics or fakes. You can also ask for an appraisal from a certified gemologist or jeweler, who can provide a report on the gemstone’s authenticity.

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