5 Best Virtual Phone Number Providers of 2022

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Discover the Best Business Phone System for Small Businesses on a Budget – Choose the Right VoIP Software for Your Basic Needs!

If you are a small business owner seeking an affordable yet efficient phone system to cover your basic VoIP requirements, we have got you covered. Our comprehensive guide helps you choose the perfect VoIP software that suits your budget without compromising on audio quality. Say goodbye to the confusion and hassle of choosing the right software and enhance your communication experience with our budget-friendly suggestions.

Expand Your Business Globally Without Worrying About Expensive International Calls – Find the Perfect Business Phone Solution with Our Top VoIP Software Recommendations!

As a growing business with a focus on customer satisfaction, investing in expensive international calls can be a major challenge. But worry not! Our comprehensive guide offers solutions to all your business phone needs, including international calling, without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for a reliable phone system to support your expanding business or seeking affordable communication solutions, our expert recommendations will help you make the right choice. Don’t miss out on the best VoIP software in the industry – read on to find out more!

Best Virtual Phone Number Providers

1. Grasshopper


Say goodbye to the hassle of equipment installation and hello to seamless communication with Grasshopper. Our top-quality features, including unlimited calling and texting, automated attendant, call forwarding, call management, and caller ID, are designed to elevate your communication experience. With our simple and fast set-up process, you don’t need any additional equipment besides your existing landline or mobile phone. Empower your small business today with Grasshopper and unlock endless possibilities for growth and success!

At our business phone system, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer the flexibility to choose between toll-free or local numbers. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you never miss an inbound call, with prompt alerts for missed calls. Want to personalize your business number? Choose from our selection of vanity numbers, or easily port your existing business phone number for free. Enhance your communication experience today with our customizable business phone system!

At Grasshopper, we understand the importance of staying connected, which is why we offer mobile and desktop apps to keep you connected through both business and personal devices. With our sleek interface, you can easily manage your communication needs, including viewing call logs, transferring calls, and accessing voicemail. Plus, our voicemail transcription function ensures that you never miss an important message, with local phone number voicemails transcribed and sent straight to your email. Download our apps today and elevate your communication experience to the next level!

Our conversation tracking feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their communication process. With this feature, you can easily track and document important conversations in a searchable format, saving you valuable time and effort. The best part? It’s available in all our plans, ensuring that every business can benefit from this powerful tool. Say goodbye to messy communication and hello to organization and efficiency with Grasshopper’s conversation tracking feature!

Our auto-attendant feature is designed to ensure that every inbound call is routed to the right department or individual, regardless of the type of phone being used. Whether you are using a mobile phone, landline, or other business phone, our auto-attendant is programmed to route calls to any number. Plus, our call management solutions, including call forwarding, call blocking, and call transfer, enable you to filter and manage your calls with ease. Need to screen calls? Our call screening function alerts you of the caller’s name and number, allowing you to quickly assess whether a call is worth answering. Say goodbye to missed calls and hello to streamlined communication with Grasshopper’s powerful call management solutions!

Our instant response feature is designed to ensure that you never miss an important call, even when you can’t answer it in person. With this feature, callers will receive an automated text message, allowing them to reply with the best time to reach them. Plus, our call routing function gives you complete control over how your calls are managed. You can create extensions, set the order in which numbers ring, and determine the number of allowed rings before a call is rerouted to another number. With Grasshopper, you can rest easy knowing that your business calls are always handled with care and professionalism!

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional phone systems and hello to the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Our VoIP technology utilizes the Internet to make calls, providing you with the freedom and flexibility to communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection. Plus, with our VoIP + WiFi functionality, you can overcome poor cell reception and save data and time by seamlessly switching to WiFi. And the best part? You can try our VoIP service for free with our special trial offer. Don’t wait – join the VoIP revolution with Grasshopper today!


Looking for a cost-effective phone system that won’t break the bank? Look no further than Grasshopper’s Basic plan. For just $29 per month (or $26 when paid annually), you’ll have access to a wide range of powerful features that will help you streamline your communication and stay connected with your customers. And with our easy-to-use interface and top-notch customer support, you’ll be up and running in no time. Please note that the Basic plan is currently only available in the USA and Canada. Don’t miss out – sign up for Grasshopper today and start experiencing the benefits of a professional phone system for your business!

When it comes to virtual phone number services, Grasshopper stands out as the best overall option. With our easy-to-use platform and top-notch 24/7 customer support, you’ll have everything you need to stay connected with your customers and streamline your communication. Plus, with features like unlimited calling and messaging, automated attendant, call forwarding, and more – all at an affordable price – you’ll have the flexibility and control you need to grow your business. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – sign up for Grasshopper today and experience the difference for yourself!

2. Vonage


Vonage is the industry-leading VoIP provider, renowned for its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features that cater to smartphone and landline users alike. With Vonage, you can enjoy unlimited calling to landlines and mobiles across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico for just $9 per month for the first year.

The sign-up process is straightforward – once you open an account, you’ll receive a hardware adapter and a phone number portability option. Vonage even offers an enhanced 911 feature, where you can enter your location for better emergency services.

Vonage’s enhanced 911 feature provides emergency operators with your location and callback number for added safety and peace of mind.

Users can attest to the crystal-clear audio quality of calls, even on inexpensive devices, surpassing competitors like Skype and PhonePower.

If a simple interface and MMS functionality are essential to your business, compare Vonage and its alternatives to find the best fit.

Vonage’s mobile apps offer a convenient and affordable way to make IP-based phone calls, bypassing your phone service plan minutes. With the Android and iOS apps, you can link up to two mobile devices to one account, and any mobile phone can access Vonage’s low calling rates using an access number. The app works over WiFi, cellular, and 4G/3G networks, allowing you to receive calls to your main Vonage number in the app. Plus, you can set your Caller ID to display as your home Vonage number, ensuring that your business calls remain professional and consistent.

Vonage’s integration with iOS 10 CallKit provides a seamless calling experience with full-screen functionality, call waiting controls, and automatic logging into the Recents list, among other features. With Boomerang, Vonage users can easily connect with friends and family abroad via a list of 10 contacts, leveraging Vonage’s low international calling rates to save money.


The Basic plan is $19.99 per month.

Upgrade your communication game with Vonage, a top-quality virtual phone service that offers crystal-clear call quality, user-friendly setup, and cost-saving features like Boomerang and a customizable toll-free number. Say goodbye to your outdated landline phone service and say hello to unlimited calling and messaging, automated attendants, call forwarding, and more at an affordable price with Vonage.

3. CallHippo

Designed for sales and marketing teams, CallHippo is a feature-rich business phone system that integrates with over 100 tools, including popular sales automation software such as PipeDrive, SalesForce, and CRM tools like Zoho and HubSpot, as well as helpdesk tools such as Zendesk.

The CallHippo power dialer makes it easy to automatically dial a list of numbers in a specific campaign’s order, while the intelligent dashboard provides real-time insights into your call logs and transfers.

Revolutionize the way you handle business calls with CallHippo’s smart call forwarding feature, which lets you route incoming calls to multiple devices based on preset rules, complete with customized greetings and hold music to personalize the experience.

Elevate your brand’s identity with CallHippo’s vanity numbers, the ideal solution for businesses looking to enhance their memorability. The dedicated module allows you to search for and secure a vanity number that reflects your brand’s voice and credibility.

Improve your team’s communication and customer service with CallHippo’s call monitoring features, including live call monitoring, whispering, call barging, and call recording. With these tools, you can ensure that your representatives are providing top-quality service and identify areas for improvement.

In addition, CallHippo’s smart switch feature provides agents with the flexibility to switch between multiple telephony networks, ensuring the best possible call connectivity. This feature allows your team to choose the most suitable network for each call, leading to higher call quality and improved customer satisfaction.

Boost your business communication with CallHippo’s smart features, such as Globalconnect, which helps you save time by identifying the optimal time to call your international clients based on time zones and number validity.

Ensure seamless call delivery with the Smart Switch feature that enables agents to quickly switch to another network to guarantee the best possible call connectivity.

The call transfer feature ensures that customers get the right person on the line, allowing for easy redirection of calls from your phone number to the intended team member using inter-departmental extension. With CallHippo, you can optimize your business’s communication and customer service.


The Bronze plan will cost you $14 per user per month.

Looking for a business phone provider that can handle skill-based call routing, shared inbox, a free number, forward-to-service, and much more? CallHippo has got you covered. With a range of integrations and vanity numbers available, CallHippo is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. Plus, with its affordable entry plan, you’ll have access to all of the features you need to stay connected with your customers and clients. Discover the power of CallHippo today!

4. GoToConnect (formerly known as Jive Communications)


Empower your business with the GoToConnect platform that combines the best of VoIP and messaging with the GoToMeeting video conferencing software. With its superior call routing control and reporting features, you can effortlessly manage calls and access over 180 hardware calling devices.

As the successor to Jive VoIP, GoToConnect ensures seamless compatibility with a broad range of devices, along with a comprehensive feature set for routing and managing calls, making it the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

GoToConnect offers a versatile range of hardware calling devices, including desktop phones and conference room speaker systems, as well as desktop and mobile apps for direct calling from your computer or smartphone. Users in the US and Canada can also take advantage of SMS support.

With every license, HD video conferencing is included, and three-way audio conferences are possible by jumping into ongoing calls. Additionally, there are various supervisor modes, such as spy mode and whisper mode, that enable call monitoring without being heard or filtering communications so that only employees can hear you.

Empower your team’s success with GoToConnect’s comprehensive supervisor features. Gain valuable insights into agent performance with access to total talk time, transfer reports, and availability reports. Real-time analytics are available on the agent effectiveness dashboard, while easy IT configuration supports 7 currencies and 8 languages to help your team get started quickly.

With barge mode, queue pause, and the ability to monitor incoming calls and their duration, administrators can optimize call routing and improve customer satisfaction. Gain valuable insights into call patterns, including the number of calls and the US states they are coming from, to enhance your team’s performance.

Empower your team’s success with GoToConnect’s comprehensive supervisor features. Gain valuable insights into agent performance with access to total talk time, transfer reports, and availability reports. Real-time analytics are available on the agent effectiveness dashboard, while easy IT configuration supports 7 currencies and 8 languages to help your team get started quickly.

With barge mode, queue pause, and the ability to monitor incoming calls and their duration, administrators can optimize call routing and improve customer satisfaction. Gain valuable insights into call patterns, including the number of calls and the US states they are coming from, to enhance your team’s performance.


The Basic plan starts at $24 per month.

Looking for a reliable VoIP provider that offers high-quality video conferencing and seamless communication? Look no further than GoToConnect! Our platform provides a comprehensive solution that helps you connect with your customers effortlessly and ensure that each customer gets to the right team member in no time.

5. Talkroute

Looking for a cost-effective contact center solution that comes packed with comprehensive features? Talkroute provides a full-featured call center software at a lower cost than traditional VoIP solutions. Enjoy advanced capabilities such as call queuing, live transferring, call routing, forwarding, and more, making it the perfect choice for remote call center teams.

With Talkroute, you can make and receive calls from your business or personal phone using a desktop, mobile app, or web browser, and review call reports to enhance the quality of service.

Talkroute is a feature-rich VoIP call center software that offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls along with a range of numbers to choose from, including toll-free, vanity, local and 800 numbers, at an affordable price.

The user-friendly dashboard comes equipped with various functions like extension options, call recording, text message management, automated messages, and dial-by-name directories, allowing you to delegate team operations effectively and navigate through the features effortlessly.

Talkroute empowers businesses with a customizable auto-attendant, featuring custom greetings, call routing rules, directory, department and team options, and live call transfers, ensuring a seamless caller experience.

With Talkroute’s advanced call reporting feature, businesses can analyze call data such as date, time, duration, and status to perform a comprehensive call volume study, optimize first contact resolution rates for inbound calls, and glean insights into call paths for better performance.

The platform also allows you to create multiple extensions to cater to different needs, including voicemail, informational, and multi-digit extensions.


The Basic plan is $19 per month.

Talkroute offers a feature-rich VoIP service that enables call center teams to handle unlimited incoming and outgoing calls with advanced call routing, forwarding, and stacking functionalities, all at a much lower price point than traditional VoIP software. With Talkroute, businesses can easily manage all their communication needs from anywhere, thanks to the platform’s diverse capabilities.

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