4 Reasons why building your Clinics Email List is important

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Written By Albert Roy

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Email is the most popular channel in B2B marketing. While some businesses consider email one of the best ways of generating new leads, others think it is better at generating revenue. Building a clinics email list lets you contact potential customers at the perfect time with the right messages. It is important for the following reasons-

1. To generate a loyal audience

A clinics database allows you to introduce your business to new subscribers and create a great impression. Reaching out to people who have willingly subscribed is a legitimate way of making them familiar with your brand name. You can win over your subscribers with a well-curated email strategy consisting of personalized content sent at the right time. But, it is important to provide value consistently to convert your subscribers into loyal customers and have them returning for more.

Segmenting your clinics email addresses is a granular approach to successful marketing. Healthcare Mailing’s database is a good example. You can group your subscribers by their interests and engage with them more intimately. Most businesses segment their email list by geographical region to sell highly relevant products to their customers.

2. To attract high-quality leads

People subscribe to your emails if they genuinely are interested in your business and the products you offer. Obtaining their consent and informing them about how you intend to use their personal information indicates that you respect their privacy. Make sure to send relevant content at a consistent frequency. Include a catchy subject line and a compelling CTA that takes them to the relevant landing page. Maintain a consistent brand design to provide a seamless visual experience as subscribers move from email to landing page.

Don’t be too impatient and bombard them with emails. You will be labeled a spammer by the subscribers you want to turn into clients. Doing so will hurt your brand reputation, and you risk losing future clients.

3. To improve engagement levels

Only when you are at the forefront of your subscriber’s minds are they more likely to choose you over your competitors. It makes staying in touch with them necessary. You can do this by informing your subscribers about the latest product. Engage them by offering discounts and incentives for every successful referral. Keep them in the loop with updates on major changes affecting how they interact with you. Use emotional triggers to create feelings of anticipation, belongingness, and curiosity. Emphasize how important their contribution is to your business.

While increasing engagement is good for your business, letting uninterested subscribers go is equally important. Although it will reduce the size of your clinics mailing lists, providing an unsubscribe link ensures you focus your efforts on genuinely interested subscribers.

4. To execute effective drip campaigns

Automating your emails allows you to reach out to subscribers at a crucial time. Drip campaigns are extremely effective as they trigger when subscribers perform or fail to perform an action. They include:

Welcome emails

You can send welcome emails to subscribers who signed up for your clinics email database for the first time. Giving them a brief introduction to your business is an opportunity for them to get to know your brand better and for you to reassure them of their decision.

Reminder emails

You can use reminder emails efficiently by splitting them into two categories. The first category of emails is sent before something has happened. You can remind subscribers to avail of an exclusive offer approaching the deadline. Including a countdown creates a sense of urgency and prompts subscribers to take action.

The second category of emails is sent after something has failed to happen. It is especially used in cart abandonment scenarios. You can remind subscribers about the products they searched for and added to their cart but did not purchase. Include images of the products in your emails, as subscribers will likely forget about them once they abandon their search. Provide recommendations based on their searches and a link that encourages them to complete their purchase.

Re-engagement emails

Your clinics mailing database will contain subscribers with varying degrees of inactivity. It does not mean you strike them off your list because re-engaging existing subscribers is easier than acquiring new ones. You can execute re-engagement campaigns to draw their attention and get them to respond to your emails.

Some subscribers may be inactive for more than 6-12 months. Instead of giving them up as a lost cause, you can reduce your sending frequency. Direct them to your preference center and allow them to choose the type of emails they prefer and how often they want to receive them. If subscribers have never engaged with your emails, remove them from your clinics email database.

Wrapping Up

Email is still the primary source of information for most subscribers, and building the best clinics contact list provides numerous opportunities to expose them to your brand.

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