Why Is Worship at Home Important in Hinduism?

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Hinduism is about faith, devotion, worship puja or whatever you want to call it. The main goal behind the worship is to find moral guidance for virtue. Karma plays a powerful role in the thought process of Hindus and therefore it is believed that performing puja mitigates the negative effects of bad Karma from the current life and offers a better existence for the soul in the next life.


Importance of Puja Worship at Home


As per Hinduism, the one supreme power is worshipped at temples. However, the integration of mind, body and soul can also be done with at-home puja. Hindus visit temples on special occasions and make sure to not miss offering prayers to the almighty at their home temples.


What are the Rules for Puja Worship in Hinduism?


There are two different kinds of puja performed by Hindus. One is referred to as their daily rites and then there is ceremonial puja.


Daily puja rituals are a mark of devotion to the Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Moreover, people worship multiple Gods and Goddesses according to Vedic religion. The daily rites are simple and short, whereas ceremonial worship is offered on auspicious occasions or festivals. The worship rituals are a little bit elaborate and some even like to visit a temple for worship.


Which are Some Powerful Daily Pooja Mantras?


As per Vedic religion, below is the list of some of the powerful daily puja vidhi mantra:

  • Ganesh Mantra: For peace and prosperity
  • Saraswati Mantra: For intelligence and creativity
  • Lakshmi Mantra: For financial growth
  • Durga Mantra: For faith and positivity
  • Gayatri Mantra: For life enrichment
  • Shiva Mantra: For a healthier life


What is the Daily Puja Vidhi?


Hindus make sure to follow the Vedic standards to perform daily puja. According to the customs, it is mandatory to perform the daily rites first thing in the morning. Besides, prayers should be offered to God with a clean state of mind, body and soul. One can light Diya, chant mantras, offer prasad and recite aarti for daily puja.


What Is the Ideal Daily Puja Time?

Shashtras suggest that puja must be performed early morning. The best time is right after sunrise, at this time the mind is calm. Moreover, the second puja is performed in the evening right when the sun sets.


What Is Included in The Puja Samagri for Daily Puja?


The daily puja samagri includes Ghee, cotton wicks, Kapur, Agarbatti, Dhoop Batti, Chandan, Ganga Jal, Sindoor and Mishri Prasad. Those who are unable to source these essentials nearby can also order Puja Samagri Online from a trusted website.




Daily puja is highly beneficial to experience spiritual vibrations. To spread positivity in your life, start daily puja right now. Wondering where would I find puja samagri near me? Visit Pujarambh, it is a trusted online puja booking platform that also offers high quality puja samagri at the best price.

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