Why Didn’t I Think of That? 20 Creative Business Ideas

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Ready to start a new business? If you’re looking to find a way to live your passion, here’s a list of creative business ideas for you.

  • The most successful company concepts aggressively address issues that customers are unaware they have. and personal experience.
  • Personalized interests and financial success are combined in niche business concepts like meal preppers and crime scene cleaners to create an original organizational structure.
  • This post is for ambitious company owners seeking for innovative ventures to launch.
  • When looking for a fresh company concept, entrepreneurs should look within themselves to base it on their own passion, purpose,

Because of how beautifully unique each person is, there are endless ways to think, create, act, and live in a varied community. Every business owner has developed a particular set of interests and passions and has acquired certain business and life lessons. They can benefit professionally from this.

Consider your personal life as you pursue a new small company concept to find common issues that you can address for others. Find 20 original business concepts below to get you started on your next project, whether it’s a cutting-edge notion for a young company or a creative idea for retirees.

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Business ideas for retirees

Online businesses

Online enterprises continue to be among the finest business ideas for retirees, according to Diane Eschenbach, owner of startup consultancy DE Consultants and author of How to Quickly Start a Business Online, provided the business owner doesn’t let technology scare them. She recommends that one of the most approachable and interesting internet business ideas to explore is the creation of curation sites, which compile material for simple reading.

Consulting and coaching

Consulting and coaching continue to be reliable options for older entrepreneurs looking to build a firm powered by their passion and experience. Retirees are in a good position to impart their expertise because of their past work experience and life experiences.

Mastermind groups

Members of mastermind groups routinely get together to work together and address challenges or problems by drawing on the knowledge, skills, and experiences of the group as a whole. Older business owners have an edge in this market since they are seasoned experts. Depending on the size, location, and fee for joining the group, owners of mastermind groups can make thousands of dollars per month.

Trendy business ideas

Food trucks

According to Zippier, there will be a 3.4% growth in the number of food trucks in the United States in 2022, totaling more than 35,000 mobile eateries. Opening a food truck business means facing tough competition and hard hours in a $1.16 billion sector, but there is a high likelihood of rich returns.

the yoga industry

Yoga combines the finest aspects of relaxation and exercise to build and revitalize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. In urban regions with a young population, where they may broaden their menu to include food, drinks, or yoga accessories, yoga studios find special success.

3D printing businesses

Applications for 3D printing make it possible for people to make actual products at home and serve as a low-volume production unit for small enterprises, transforming what formerly appeared like a high-tech, future equipment into a reality. Companies that specialize in 3D printing can produce templates for other businesses to utilize or manufacture toys, components, and other items for customers.

Did you realize? Typically, low-cost company concepts revolve around services. Businesses that sell products frequently have greater overhead costs. Fashion-related business concepts may be classified into two groups: You may sell a product like fashion illustrations or a service like fashion tutoring.

Business ideas for food lovers

Bartender for hire

If you like the grace and beauty of blended cocktails, think about starting a bartender-for-hire business. A bartending business geared at boosting the professionalism and luxury of client events is a viable niche market and opportunity with cheap overhead and a minimal learning curve (unless you’re already a mixologist).

Meal prepper

Target market members who are pressed for time and working parents and busy professionals. the meal planner comes in. To provide customers with wholesome, specifically prepared meals and a significant amount of free time, these enterprises may design meals, purchase for the ingredients, and prepare each serving of the meal.

Farmers market vendor

A farmers market vendor opportunity provides you with an engaged audience on a silver platter, may show you whether production of your fresh items is scalable, and can be used to sell salsa, jam, veggies, or something else different. [Learn more about creating goods from ideas.]

Part-time business ideas

Computer repair

Even though computer owners frequently avoid or detest these tasks, tech-savvy businesspeople with some free time on the weekends and weeknights may nonetheless benefit from them. Installing updates, resolving problems, or cleaning vents may be part of the task. If you are familiar with IT, you could find this side job to be quite rewarding.

Resume writing

Professionals with first-hand expertise analyzing resumes and conducting interviews might start a side business providing resume writing, editing, and advising services, whether they want to work freelance for a resume-writing firm or launch their own.

House staging

You could find fulfilment in beginning a house-staging company if you have a keen eye for interior design and excellent networking abilities. Building contacts with furniture rental firms, comprehending the real estate agent’s vision for the home, and planning staging setup and takedown are all possible aspects of a house-staging business.

Death-centric business ideas

Murder-scene maids

Obsessed with the macabre? possess a robust stomach and a preference for messy work? If so, a biohazard cleanup business could be a good option for you. Biohazard cleaning services are provided by Baxter Restoration, a cleaning and rebuilding business in Orlando, Florida, and might serve as a starting point for business owners with a similar concept. Blood, crime scene, meth lab, and hoarder cleanup and restoration are Baxter Restoration’s areas of expertise.

Biodegradable coffins

A biodegradable coffin business caters to the growing demand for ecologically friendly products, lowers the carbon footprint of the funeral home sector, and provides an economical option during a trying period in many people’s life. Additionally, your company would be naturally associated with Earth Day each year.

Carbon-free cremation

This technique, sometimes referred to as flameless cremation or alkaline hydrolysis, turns the body into ash using water. Vendors of flameless cremation limit carbon emissions and energy consumption, and they don’t utilize fossil fuels, much like ecologically friendly coffin manufacturers. This might be a worthwhile endeavor for you if you are worried about climate change.

Business ideas for the senior market

Financial planning

If you are enthusiastic about financial literacy and helping an older population, creating and advertising online tools for the senior market is a wise decision. You could succeed in asset management for retirees in addition to financial education, making sure that customers are aware of the lifestyle they can afford after retirement.

In-home care

The market for in-home care serves the group of senior citizens who decide against moving into a senior living facility but have trouble managing their errands, house upkeep, and other self-care responsibilities. Although they are still capable of carrying out everyday tasks, many elderly people require a little assistance to keep them safe and comfortable. If you have prior experience working as a caretaker or personal assistant, this might be a fantastic fit.

Selling or storing possessions

A senior adult may downsize their belongings if they choose to remain in their house. A company that assists seniors with selling or storing their belongings not only satisfies a critical need, but also enters a crowded market. Younger boomers who may wish to maintain family treasures but not in their homes might find self-storage facilities useful. After their parents’ passing, retail assistants and antique dealers who support the sale of vintage items will probably work with an older clientele or engage with their adult offspring.

Ways to find business ideas on social media

Searching questions in subreddits

Reddit subreddits and “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) threads should be reviewed if you’re seeking for fresh company concepts. Here, you may pose questions to experts and famous people that might inspire concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Analyzing Pinterest comments

Use a Pinterest account to get inspiration if your skills lay in discovering or producing the next big must-have product. You may also find fresh ideas by reading the frequently disregarded comments on pins that are linked to your interests or a certain niche market.

How to know if your business idea is good

While there isn’t a single formula that will ensure a company will succeed right away, there are a number of things you should take into account to determine the worth of your concept.

It fills a gap.

If a company launches a new product or service that fills a market or specialized void, it most likely has the foundation to stand on its own.

It’s financially viable.

The capacity of a company to raise money through crowdfunding indicates a need for the good or service and creates a zealous fan following.

Mentors believe it’s good.

The company undoubtedly has promise if your dependable business partners or seasoned mentors agree that the concept is worthwhile exploring. [Discover how to locate a mentor.]

It performs well in trade shows and tests.

If the concept creates discussion at conferences, trade exhibitions, and other professional gatherings, similar to crowdfunding but specialized to goods or software as a service (SaaS), it’s an indication the firm can succeed. To make sure you are satisfying the demands of your target market, you may test your company concept.

You’re passionate about it.

Your chances of success significantly enhance if you really believe in the concept and put-up unwavering effort to realize your objectives.

To position yourself for company success, look over our list of startup blunders every entrepreneur should avoid. We also advise beginning small business owners to think about their company’s software requirements. By simplifying your procedures, apps may make launching and putting your concept into action simpler.

The writing and research for this essay were jointly done by Saige Driver and Adam Uzialko.

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