WhiteBit Exchange boosts crypto acceptance via Ukraine’s national soccer team

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Ever since the crypto world came into existence, people have been showing immense interest in exploring various topics related to cryptocurrency. With many websites available, now you can search for the least volatile cryptocurrency. You can also find for most volatile cryptocurrency in India, and so many others. Now according to the latest crypto news update, it has come out that WhiteBit Exchange has encouraged the adoption of cryptocurrency through a sponsorship deal with a national soccer team of Ukraine. 

The main objective is to garner more and more fans and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Going by agreement, WhiteBit known to be a European Union-based coin trading platform will partner with Ukraine’s soccer team for the coming 3 years. Let us know more about this topic further.

WhiteBit Exchange engages soccer fans to boost Ukraine’s crypto community

According to the latest crypto development, WhiteBit an EU-based cryptocurrency exchange has come up with a new move in doing a long-term partnership with Ukraine’s national soccer team. Talking about this deal, the logo of the WhiteBit exchange will be seen during the team’s matches. 

In a blog post, the EU exchange has revealed being on a similar platform to soccer fans and how it becomes a matter of joy for it in partnering with Ukraine’s National Football Team. With this, it will be supportive of Ukrainian sports and will also encourage to amplify the crypto community of Ukraine. 

WhiteBit exchange will be the official partner of Ukraine’s soccer team till 2026. And during this phase, the crypto trading platform will be indulged in managing numerous educational and entertainment events for those who want to explore more about digital ledger technology, and blockchain. 

What is the main objective?

The main plan behind the partnership is to encourage soccer fans and boost the use of cryptocurrencies on a wider scale in the sports sector in Ukraine and in general. In the past, the Eastern European nation has proved itself in being the leader when it comes to the acceptance of cryptocurrency

How it all began?

Ever since the beginning of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine has become much dependent on donations of so many coins that would help fund humanitarian and defense efforts. The crypto industry has offered much support and WhiteBit with the association of the world’s popular crypto trading platform Binance has been one of the companies that have provided help. As per the comment of Volodymyr Nosov, the chief executive of Lithuania-based crypto exchange, WhiteBit, it gives much confidence with the help of a partnership with Ukraine’s soccer team, more and more people will get encouraged in exploring more and more use of cryptocurrencies, and will experience convenience trading in them. 


If you think this is the first initiative taken by the WhiteBit exchange in getting associated with the soccer world. Last year in December, this crypto trading platform became the partner of Barcelona, the giant soccer team of Spain. Now the main objective behind such partnership is to gather more and more people to support the latest technologies, with the efforts mainly targeting the spread of cryptocurrency and its underlying technology blockchain. 

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