Edinburgh is UK City Least Excited About Christmas 2022

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Christmas is already beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, even though it’s only the first of December. The festive season is in full swing, with music playing in shops and lights being hung across towns and cities. The three weekends left before Christmas could be the perfect excuse to go on a festive city break if you find yourself struggling to get in the holiday spirit or want to indulge in all things Christmassy. It turns out that the UK’s most festive cities have been revealed thanks to a new analysis.

A Variety of Factors Were Taking into Account by Hammonds Fitted Furniture:

In order to calculate each city’s festive score out of 100, including whether the city is likely to have a white Christmas, how many local Christmas events there are, how many Google searches about Christmas lights, and how many Instagram posts about Christmas markets.

In order to form a list of most to least festive cities, the top 10 were all ranked based on these scores.

Regardless of which city you choose, you can expect some serious festive vibes, so be sure to check out everything each place has to offer. Regardless of which city you choose, you can expect some serious festive vibes, so be sure to check out everything each place has to offer.

There are thousands of people attending the Edinburgh Christmas markets throughout the holiday season, making them an iconic feature of the city.

The uncertainty of the stalls’ future gave us an opportunity to reflect on what they have been like in the past. Almost every year, Bratwurst and pretzels fill the mound with the scent of bratwurst.

Originally called German Markets in the city center, the first Christmas markets were inaugurated in 1999 and have grown ever since.

In 2022, Edinburgh will Celebrate Christmas:

In spite of fears that the Edinburgh Christmas markets would be scrapped due to ownership changes, they will be returning on November 25. Over the last two years, Stirling has hosted the iconic Hogmanay event – though there was only a firework display at the bells broadcast across BBC.

There will be Markets at George Square,

The ice rink in West Princes Street Gardens, and Forth 1’s Big Wheel.

The eve of Christmas is just one month away and Virgin Experience Days has conducted a new survey in order to find out how positive the mood of Brits is this year. Edinburgh ranks lowest in terms of how they feel about Christmas this year.

It seems Christmas cheer hasn’t rubbed off on Edinburgh locals, although Edinburgh could be considered the Christmas capital of the UK. A nationally representative sample of 2,001 people was surveyed across the UK’s most populous cities. All cities analyzed were equally weighted in terms of asking people about their feelings regarding Christmas.

Northern Parts of the UK:

Do not feel festive this year, according to the study. The people of Glasgow and Newcastle, just across the border, are also not as excited for Christmas this year as they were last year.

Christmas plans have been disrupted for two years due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and northerners still haven’t felt the festive spirit yet. Among Londoners, 61% say they’re more excited about the holiday season than they were last year, according to the research.

In Addition,

The research revealed how Brits will celebrate Christmas across different cities. In Edinburgh, 61% of people plan to see family on Christmas day despite feeling downcast about the holiday season. This year, only 40% of Londoners, 41% of Bristolians and 41% of Cardiffians will visit grandma’s house.

A Commentator on the Research,

Richard Hurd-Wood, CEO of Virgin Experience Days, said: “After two strange Christmases in the past two years, it’s no surprise people are looking forward to the festive season more than last year, but there are some regional disparities.” People still prioritize gifting, with most of their Christmas budgets going toward treating their families and friends. There are 1,500 suppliers and experience providers in our network who rely on Christmas for trade, so this is good news for the economy.

As a Virgin Experience Days partner, we are dedicated to helping people find the perfect gift. The Christmas season is clearly a time when people look for gifts that allow them to spend time with each other.

Which city has the most festive cheer in Edinburgh? The full list of places and their Christmas moods can be found here.

Christmas is Least Exciting in the Following UK Cities:

Geordies and Edinburg hers are the least excited about Christmas this year, with only 39% and 37% more excitement, respectively. Listed in order of those looking forward to Christmas most are the following cities in the UK:

  1. London (61%)
  2. Birmingham (60%)
  3. Southampton (56%)
  4. Manchester (54%)
  5. Nottingham (53%)
  6. Leeds (52%)
  7. Cardiff (52%)
  8. Plymouth (50%)
  9. Brighton (50%)
  10. Sheffield (50%)
  11. Liverpool (50%)
  12. Norwich (50%)
  13. Bristol (49%)
  14. Glasgow (48%)
  15. Belfast (47%)
  16. Newcastle (39%)
  17. Edinburgh (37%)

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