Trello Review vs Airtable Review: The Ultimate Battle of the PM Softwares

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This article will bring into the limelight all the pivotal features of the two tools. Moreover, it shall also discuss pricing, reviews, and demo. Stay tuned to learn everything about Trello and Airtable softwares.  

Trello is a task and project planning application with a visual interface. While agile software development teams are the most typical solution users, it is also utilized in marketing, sales, support, and human resources. The web-based system includes tools for defining projects, their requirements, and the workflow, ensuring that projects are executed in the order they were planned. A cloud-based project management tool called Airtable is aimed at small and medium businesses and divisions of more prominent organizations. The structure and cooperation of data are the system’s main priorities. The system arranges data in a spreadsheet fashion. Data that are related to one another can be connected together; for instance, contacts and firms can be linked as inventory items and vendors. 

Trello Software Features


You may manage your work more precisely with the help of the Trello project management application. The Trello PM tool includes a built-in Kanban-style board that can be used to monitor progress, get status updates, handle task dependencies, and develop a plan for successfully finishing each project. The Timeline view can be used to plan sprints and ensure all tasks are finished by the deadlines assigned to them. Additionally, the drag-and-drop interface enables you to alter dates to meet changing business requirements quickly. 

Additionally, Trello review offers a calendar view that you can use to manage each assignment or easily alter the quarterly editorial agenda. Calendars from other sources can also be imported. 

Task Automation 

Trello’s “Butler” feature is a valuable instrument for task automation. You may automate several operations with the help of “Butler,” such as requesting updates, distributing assignments, and setting due dates. You can create unique rules to ensure that the activities are completed in a manner that makes sense for your project. Using the card and board buttons, you can initiate a string of actions with only one click. If you want to automate a specific set of tasks, you can also use programs like Jira and Slack. 


There is no need to start over just because you are working on a new project. Through a collection of ready-made templates, the Trello software’s template’s function enables you to jumpstart your work. The team can work on projects with the help of tried-and-true templates thanks to the blueprint provided by the templates. 

Trello Pricing  

Trello offers a variety of price options to fit various teams. The user has a choice between four pricing options. For brand-new starters, there is a free plan with a constrained set of tools. The second pricing tier is referred to as Standard and costs $5. The third is the $10 Premium Trello pricing option. Additionally, the enterprise has a minimum anticipated user count of 25 and costs about $17.50. 

Trello Demo 

The Trello demo provides a brief, visual overview of the program. While using the platform, it will make it easier for you to understand how to use the features. 

Airtable Software Features 


Given how taxing entering data is, you might take longer. Your projects are also more vulnerable to errors when you complete it manually. Using Airtable, any operation—basic or complicated—can be automated. By including frequently used apps like Facebook, Slack, Twitter, etc., you can swiftly automate your marketing and CRM as well. If you want to increase the functionality of the automation, you can add Javascript to supplement the logic. 


Both rows and columns can be configured by users. For example, they can alter the table view by using it as a floor plan platform. The menu, suppliers, and ingredients can all be seen in a tabular view. Whether users want to emphasize dietary restrictions, pricing, special courses, or the chef’s notes for the day, the view can be structured in a way that makes sense to them. The user-created view may be incorporated into a website or made available to other users via a link. 


A well-known platform tool is the superb interface designer from Airtable review. Users can create interfaces utilizing Airtable bases by using the interface designer, even without any prior coding knowledge. To construct practical, shared, and accessible workflows, you can import all of your data. 

Using the interface designer is also rather simple because you can manage the elements using a drag-and-drop interface. You can make available the data you want your team to have access to while keeping the rest private. 

Additionally, you can design unique dashboards for every stakeholder, ensuring that they all have access to the data that is both necessary and pertinent. Finally, you can modify the workflow to meet the requirements of your team. 

Airtable Pricing 

Four plans make up the Airtable price structure. First, there is a free option that is made to work for users who are just starting out or have a small staff. With a $10 price tag and a more comprehensive selection of tools, the second pricing level is known as Plus. Pro is the third selection and costs about $20. The final option is for instruments that are suitable for businesses, and customers may request a pricing quote from the sales team by contacting them via the website. 

Airtable Demo 

Airtable offers a free demo for its users on the official website. Demos are very helpful in providing a teaser of the tool. This helps users understand the software before investing in it. The Airtable demo is available in the form of a webinar. Schedule it today and learn about the software. 

Final Thoughts  

This Trello Vs Airtable comparison brings forth the critical features of both. It also discusses the pricing in detail. Even though both tools have great reviews, the final decision is yours. This is a comprehensive guide that will let you choose the best software for your company.  

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