Tired of Yelp? 14 Alternative Business Review Websites

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If you’re looking for another perspective, check out some other online Business Review Websites

  • Websites that collect client reviews about the businesses they do business with provide their frank opinions.
  • Although Yelp is often regarded as the best review site, especially for local company promotion, it is not the only one available.
  • Some Yelp substitutes include Google Business Profile, Facebook Page reviews, Angi, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Foursquare.
  • This post is for small company owners who are looking at review sites to get frank criticism and develop their enterprises.

The information age has made consumers thrive. Customers have historically looked to the experiences and views of others to determine the credibility of a firm before making a purchasing choice.

Today, anyone with a computer, smartphone, and internet connection can complete this procedure quickly, easily, and conveniently. Websites that offer customer reviews of businesses are among the best sources of information for customers.

The best review site for promoting small local businesses is said to be Yelp. But it is by no means the only reliable company review website. Others could even turn out to be more advantageous for specialized goods or services.

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If you’re seeking for frank criticism or suggestions on how to grow your company, these 14 review sites are worth checking out.

What are business review websites?

Customer feedback regarding the businesses they do business with is gathered by business review websites. These reviews are from real consumers who are giving their open and unvarnished opinions; they are neither professional nor compensated.

Consider the scenario where you recently hired a neighborhood business to build a fence in your backyard. You may post a review of that firm on a business review website when the service is finished.

You will frequently select a letter or number rating while leaving a review. Usually, you may include a brief summary of your opinions on the service you received.

You may influence other potential customers’ decisions about whether or not to utilise a firm in the future by sharing your positive or bad experience.

How can business review websites benefit your company?

Customers writing reviews makes many businesses anxious, yet they can be a valuable marketing tool for your firm. The following are some advantages of using company review websites for you:

They produce peer validation. If a potential consumer hears a glowing reference from a friend or family member, they are more likely to decide to make a purchase from your company. Positive testimonials provide social proof and make it easier for potential consumers to conduct business with you.

They raise SEO. You cannot afford to ignore business review websites if you own a local firm. For instance, acknowledging and reacting to Google Business reviews will raise the exposure of your company on search engines and enhance the likelihood that local clients will find you.

1.Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)

You may put your company on Google Maps and appear in local search results by using Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business. You may include your company for free, along with details like the address, contact information, and operating hours.

Additionally, you might ask your clients to evaluate you on Google. More reviews will boost your ranking in Google searches, demonstrating your concern for consumer input. Collecting Google reviews and reacting to them.

2.Facebook Page reviews

You most likely already have a Facebook Business Page set up if you utilize Facebook advertisements for your company. Keep in contact with your consumers and give useful information about your business on your Facebook Business Page.

Additionally, it’s a great location to get consumer testimonials. Utilize this function by activating the ratings and reviews setting on your Facebook Page. Invite clients to share their experiences with your business in reviews after that.

3.Angi (formerly Angie’s List)

A well-known name in business reviews is Angi. Angi ensures the validity of its evaluations by serving as a forum for verified consumers to submit reliable information about local companies.

For access to the website and to write reviews that are graded using a letter system, users must pay a membership fee. Businesses who join up for Angi may communicate with users, create profiles, and reply to customer feedback. Businesses with the best ratings may additionally receive advertising for offers and discounts.

4.Better Business Bureau

One of the most reputable brands in company ratings and reviews is The Better Business Bureau. The BBB assigns ratings to companies ranging from A+ to F based on a number of variables, including customer feedback, complaints, and company replies to feedback and complaints.

The BBB is a reputable organization; thus, a small business may be greatly impacted by its ratings. The certification procedure makes sure that a company tries in good faith to address consumer complaints and queries.

Customers will view a company as more trustworthy as a result of this effort. A firm can benefit from improved internet exposure, access to courses and webinars, and much more with certification (and the associated charge).

5. Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs for Brands provides a variety of services, including gathering evaluations for businesses. A company that registers has access to a variety of resources.

This covers articles on finding brand ambassadors, turning poor customer experiences into positive ones, and how reviews and a solid reputation may enhance income.

Create a Consumer Affairs account by entering your email address or one of your company’s social media logins (such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc.).

6. Foursquare

While the check-in option on Foursquare is its most well-known feature, companies that claim their listings also allow consumers to submit ratings and tips (reviews) for other customers.

Access user metrics, submit your own tips, and provide customer rewards if you join up for Foursquare for Business.

7. Glassdoor

The distinctive feature of Glassdoor is that it gives current and former workers an opportunity to review the organizations they have worked for. It is an essential tool for job seeking since it enables job searchers to discover as much as they can about a firm.

With Glassdoor for Employers, you can read reviews of your company as a workplace and find quality candidates for a position.

8. HomeAdvisor

This website, which assists clients in finding and reviewing contractors for home renovation tasks, is comparable to Angi. All reviews undergo a thorough screening procedure and verification.

HomeAdvisor Pro enables you to connect with other Home Adviser users in your neighborhood looking for a certain service if you are a professional providing home renovation service.

9. Judy’s Book

Although adding or claiming your business on this website is not free, Judy’s Book for Business’ benefits make it worthwhile. Customers may evaluate your company for free right on the website, but Judy’s Book also lets you put consumer comments you get through email, letters, social media, or other channels on your company page without charging you more.

With a membership, business owners also get a free mobile listing, competitor tracking, a higher search engine ranking and much more.

10. Manta

Local American companies may connect with customers and with one another via the Manta small business directory. Although not the site’s main purpose, client reviews are one of its features.

11. Merchant Circle

In order to connect clients with offers, suggestions, and price estimates from nearby small companies, Merchant Circle was created. Its search features are largely organized by city and company type. By default, it lists the entries in order of highest rating and most reviews, working down.

There are several links to setup articles in the Merchant Circle Help Center.

12. OpenTable

Customers may now write reviews and star ratings on OpenTable, despite the fact that it used to only be for bookings at restaurants. A list of restaurants that match your search parameters appears when you look for eateries.

One of the first things you’ll see is the star rating, the number of reviews, and the proportion of reviewers who give the restaurant a recommendation under the restaurant’s name.

Sign up on the OpenTable for Restaurants page if you are opening a restaurant or want to have an existing restaurant listed on the site to start gathering reviews and getting more reservations.

13. Planet Rate

Planet Rate is not affiliated with any one product or service like the majority of other review websites. Therefore, you can register your business and start gathering reviews regardless of whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, shop, or something else entirely.

Users of this website may also provide in-depth evaluations that are particular to the category of your business, which makes it simpler for potential clients to locate the review and, as a result, your business.

14. Vend Op

The purpose of Vendor is to match customers with the merchants who can best meet their needs. The search process may be made more efficient by narrowing the vendors that are displayed to a potential customer’s requirements-based demands.

In order to help other vendors, improve their services and give potential clients a better idea of who they’re working with, the website also has a community of genuine customers who discuss their experiences with vendors.

In order to write and conduct the research for this essay, Jamie Johnson and Jennifer Post worked together.

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