Tips On How To Choose A University in Kolkata For Engineering Courses

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Written By Albert Roy

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It is frequently puzzling for students to compare different universities that provide engineering courses in Kolkata. The majority of these universities offer identical courses and studying features.

After completing the 12th examination in the science stream with physics, chemistry, and mathematics, choosing the right university in Kolkata for engineering courses becomes a daunting task for the student as well as the family as the child’s future depends on this key decision. Below you will find tips to choose the right engineering college.

All India Technical Education Council (AICTE) approves engineering courses at Indian engineering colleges. Regarding engineering colleges in Kolkata, B.E and B.Tech are the two popular degrees preferred by engineering students. Depending on their preference for B.Tech specializations, students can select the best university in Kolkata for B.E/B.Tech colleges such as UEM Kolkata.

How to Pick your Preferred College

First, you have to choose in which design or development division you would like to continue. There are several fields of design and development such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Select the best realistic branch that fulfills your expectation. Then pick the university in Kolkata for engineering courses.

Some important factors that you should bear in mind are Campus Infrastructure, the Reputation of the college, Course Fees, Location, and Placement Assistance.

Campus Infrastructure

All the private engineering colleges in Kolkata promise the best offer. So, you should not rely on promotion and site. It will be wise to visit and do some research about those individual departments. A part of the important departments will be PC labs, clinical offices, library, convenience, advance and grant, and workshop.

The Reputation of the College

There are a small number of rankings presented to montages by examining the most impeccable factor. The commonly recognized aligning is the NIRF positioning. You will find on this site point-by-point information about the NIRF positioning of a suitable university of engineering and technology.

Course Fees

Most of the universities are expensive and there are some solitary and grant options available. Primarily, look into all preparations based on the above factors and their expenditure structure. Don’t get worried while talking over charges, speak candidly with a university delegate in your typical vicinity. Unquestionably, you will find some prized resources.


There are occasions when you might need to abide by a particular location for pursuing higher studies. Even when your favored university is ranked higher by the NIRF, you may avoid it if you are residing miles apart.

Placement Assistance

It is always helpful to locate a new profession from the university grounds. NIRF rank furthermore includes situation records. Look into the compendium of ranking records of the preceding year.

You can certainly appreciate how one or all of the factors may play an important role in aiding you to pursue your studies. You must go through the online reviews on a specific university in addition to exploring the living and transport expenses before looking for admission.

Prepare for counseling

After passing the entrance exam, counseling is the next step and you will be assigned a college depending on your performance in the exam.

Finalize an engineering college

On the basis of your counseling round and communication with your seniors, you have to finalize a college that fits your interests It is prudent not to pick the right engineering college in a rush. So, it is required that students should start looking into their dream university in Kolkata for engineering courses right from senior school.

To conclude, you will have to choose an engineering college on the basis of your entrance examination performance and counseling. Choosing an engineering college is puzzling. It is vital to pinpoint your dream engineering college after assessing all crucial specifications.


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