Tips for Hiring Professional Persian Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

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Are you looking for an efficient carpet cleaner for your Persian carpet? Do you want professional carpet cleaning services in Dubai? But how will you choose the perfect one when you have a list of experts and the best cleaning service provider?

No worries, we will assist you!

Persian carpets are not just elegant but expensive too. The heavy material of these carpets contains cotton, wool, or silk. These handmade carpets have vivid shades, remarkable patterns, durability, and excellent craftsmanship.

So, if you want tips for hiring a professional Persian carpet cleaning Dubai, this article will assist you.

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7 Tips for Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dubai

It is a big challenge to decide on a professional carpet cleaning service when multiple service providers with excellent expertise are available in the market.

We have listed the seven best tips that will assist you in finding the best Persian carpet cleaning Dubai.

Let’s find out!

1. Start with Online Searching

A professional and competent carpet cleaning company has a website that gives you a complete insight into the company. Check the website thoroughly. You will find the details of the offered services. Read the description and contact customer service if you have any queries.

You will also find the social media account on the website. Visit their accounts and check the reviews and comments of the customers. These comments help to know about the service efficiency.

Companies update their social media accounts daily. So, you can find the current offers and discounts there.

2. Look for an Experienced Service Provider

For expensive items in your home or workplace, it is essential to hire an experienced cleaner. You can enjoy multiple perks of expert and well-experienced carpet cleaning service providers. They have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with different carpet materials. Due to long working years, they become experts in their field and can handle unexpected situations.

Before hiring the services of carpet cleaners for your Persian carpet, ask about the work experience, the professional training of the cleaners, and their expertise. If you want to try a new company, it is better to check their reviews and interview their cleaners.

3. Check the License & Refund Policy

When you search for professional Persian carpet cleaning Dubai or Carpet cleaning services in Dubai, you find multiple options. Choose the one with an authentic license and a refund policy.

A licensed company is responsible for every expense for any damage or uncertain condition with the cleaner during service. Further, you can claim the refund policy in unexpected situations.

Before finalizing the selection, ask about the license and a refund policy. You can share the following queries with the service provider:


  • What is the procedure for a refund policy?
  • How much time does it take?
  • Can we claim a refund in case of service cancellation?

4. Ask About the Cleaning Products & Tools

Asking about carpet cleaning methods, products, and tools is necessary. Share your queries and then hand over your expensive carpet to the cleaner. Service providers offer different cleaning methods, such as shampooing, dry cleaning, or steaming. Take the recommendation from the cleaner and then choose the best option.

It is essential to know about cleaning products. Choose a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly and biodegradable products. Always avoid harsh and cheap chemicals. They are harmful to the carpet material and indoor air quality.

Advanced tools and the latest technology in cleaning methods help to restore the elegant look of your carpet. Choose the company that offers these tools.

5. Search Reviews & Ask for Recommendations

Reviews are the best options to know about the actual side of the company. Check the reviews before hiring cleaning services and notice what people have to say about that company.

You can find reviews on the website and social media accounts. While searching for feedback, focus on service quality, professional attitude, customer service, price, etc. Start reading positive comments but do not miss negative ones because they tell you the company’s response to complaints. Choose the company with more positive reviews to avoid later stress.

You can also take the help of your friends, coworkers, and family and ask for recommendations for the best carpet cleaner.

6. Give Attention to Customer Service Quality

The customer service department helps you choose the best carpet cleaning service provider. Whether you want to share your query before hiring service or have a complaint after experiencing the services, you will contact customer service agents. They are like the face of the company and help you to resolve issues.

To know the customer service department, contact them through any channel and share actual or random queries. Give special attention to the following points:

  • Do they respond instantly or timely?
  • Are they friendly and cooperative?
  • Do they listen to your question minutely?

You can add other points too. You can go for that company if they satisfy your query and have good reviews.

7. Compare the Cost

It is not wise to go for the low price. A low-cost offers a low quality, and ultimately it will cost you more. The best option is to gather quotes from selected cleaning companies and compare them. While comparing the prices, also consider service quality. Go for the service provider that offers good service quality at a reasonable price.

You can also get the benefit of offers and discounts. For that, look for the social media accounts of the carpet cleaning service providers.

Best Persian Carpet Cleaning Dubai

Use the following tips in your next search and find the best carpet cleaner for your home or office. If you want to know the best carpet cleaning service provider for your Persian carpet, contact NAZAM.

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