The Loyalty To Bitcoin On Reddit

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The public has had access to Bitcoin starting from 2009. People contended for the distinctive tech features of Bitcoin, which its inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, depicted as a superior mechanism of money. Research has started looking at the social effects of Bitcoin in the wake of its spectacular price rise and consequent surge in public attention. 

Uncertainty and mistrust have started to take precedence over initial enthusiasm last year as Bitcoin’s value has fallen significantly. Still, Redditors are working on the social proof of Bitcoin. How do they prove their loyalty to Bitcoin? Let us find out some details from this post

The Loyalty To Bitcoin On Reddit

When contrasted to its worth of some dollars before 2018, the price of this crypto increased significantly throughout the duration of the year, reaching around $19,000 per coin. Great public attention was generated by this sharp increase in price, particularly among speculators hoping to benefit from Bitcoin’s ascent. 

In contrast, the market experienced a continuous slide in 2018 to a level of roughly $3,800 per unit. This posed a significant problem for those who advocate and hold Bitcoin. By the end of 2018, many people who bought Bitcoin during the surge had dumped the majority of their money.

There are issues with Bitcoin that might make it untrustworthy in the future. For Bitcoin to work, there must be confidence in three different areas: the system, the transaction counterparties, and the ability of Bitcoin to serve as a common value store. Thousands of operations are made every day on Bitcoin, notwithstanding its present problems. 

There are several online groups that support it. How do these people continue to believe in Bitcoin in the face of these difficulties? What justifications do they offer to support and rationalize their continuous support for Bitcoin?

What The Research Indicated?

Researchers looked at the publically available remarks on the “r/bitcoin” subreddit community for Bitcoin. The objective was to look at organically happening online debates on the promise of Bitcoin and find out how deeply established that trust was. Experts chose this particular forum for the investigation because it has been popular. 

Compared to other big Bitcoin Reddit forums, Reddit Bitcoin was composed of millions of followers. Around 100,000 people have registered on StackExchange Bitcoin. Although there are more registered members on the official communities, there are often just a few hundred individuals online at any given time.

Many members of the community created the collective identity they refer to as being a “genuine Bitcoiner” or merely as “Bitcoiner” to work around promoting Bitcoin. This outspoken clique of Bitcoiners has already been aggressively attempting to convey their sustained faith in Bitcoin, despite the visible involvement of the present doubt over its price.

The genuine Bitcoiners participated in some key actions on the subreddit to preserve this common identity. Bitcoin Formula 1 became popular because of the activities. Many professional communities are characterized by the formation and upkeep of groups based on individual relationships. Different groups were based less on interpersonal ties and more on behavioral identification. 

No Personal Connections Existed

There was no indication that any personal connections were being made, maintained, or formed on the subreddit. Many professional communities are characterized by the formation and upkeep of groups based on individual relationships. However, among genuine Bitcoiners, different groups were based less on interpersonal ties and more on behavioral identification. 

Real Bitcoiners create their collective identity by establishing the traits that separate them from out-group individuals, sometimes known as “non-Bitcoiners,” among other things. The main method used to create non-Bitcoiners is language usage. This element of authentic Bitcoiner identification is demonstrated by Flowbrother’s remark in the sidebar. Reddit has a great role to play. 

Flowbrother has the same skepticism of the worth of Bitcoin’s fiat value as numerous other genuine Bitcoiners on the site, irrespective of gains or losses. This implies that not adhering to market dynamics is a key component of the authentic Bitcoiner character. Furthermore, many remarks regarding genuine Bitcoin users utilize words like “real”.

This implies a knowledge of community members who could identify as HODLers but do not truly follow these fundamental principles. How many years a person has been HODLing Bitcoin defines them as true Bitcoiners? In contrast to more erratic users, they see their continued involvement with Bitcoin as the foundation for its success.


From this post, you have learned about the loyalty to Bitcoin on Reddit. Reddit has many subreddits of true Bitcoiners. So, if you are also a true Bitcoiner, you can join this social media platform. Bitcoin loyalty is frequently justified by tenacity and tolerance for the currency’s future. 

Formula 1 on Reddit was linked to Bitcoin. The future benefits that their combined efforts can provide for Bitcoin’s development are another aspect of true Bitcoiner devotion. The real Bitcoiners put a lot of work into solving issues by downplaying their importance or misinterpreting them as advantages for Bitcoin.

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