Taron Egerton Dating History – All About His Current Relationship

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It’s quite unlikely that you haven’t heard of Taron Egerton or seen him in one of his film roles. The movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, which stars Gary “Eggsy” Unwin and is regarded as one of the best of all time, is regarded as one of the best works. Without a doubt, his captivating British tone and captivating visage enthralled us.

His talent is everything but average. He was nominated for a Grammy Award and received a Golden Globe Award as a consequence of his accomplishments. Even though his name is well-known around the world, he is the type of guy who prefers to keep his personal affairs—including his connections—out of the public eye.

Taron Egerton Dating History

Taron Egerton Dating History

Taron Egerton is now single, according to his relationship status. In July 2022, the Black Bird actress announced that she was single during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Without a doubt, Emily Thomas, with whom he broke up in April 2022, is one of his most well-known ex-girlfriends.

According to the information we have, Taron Egerton was involved in at least one relationship before dating Emily Thomas. We don’t know every aspect of Taron’s prior relationships, partners, or breakups, thus we don’t know everything about him.

The tendency of celebrities to keep their personal lives secret means that we might not be aware of some of these aspects. Finding out whom Taron Egerton is dating is often simple, but keeping track of all the hookups and breakups he has had over the years is more difficult.

Behind Taron Egerton and Emily Thomas’ Breakup

Finally, we reach this! Even though we are aware of his valiant efforts to remain anonymous, word of his existence nonetheless traveled quickly.

Even the media learned a little bit about his erratic, on-and-off relationship with Emily Thomas, his girlfriend. It appears that his romantic life wasn’t as successful as his professional career.

Because Taron and Emily were both at the height of their careers at the time of their relationship’s beginning, the precise day and month in which their romance began to remain unknown.

Just before splitting up with Emily, Taron played Elton John in the film Rocket man. He looked to be so devastated by the divorce that heRocketman it as a “reinvention.”

Because I had just done the Elton John project and had terrible hair, I felt it to be incredibly freeing. I decided to shave my head because they had immediately made a bald spot and thinned down my hair.

Since I recently broke up with my fiancée, it also seemed like a kind of reinvention to change the way I appear. As a result, it was incredibly therapeutic, and the actor didn’t mind discussing his breakup in some detail.

When they started dating again, he suddenly altered his tune and said that he was “very proud of Emily.”

In contrast to Taron, Emily didn’t perform in front of the camera. She has excelled at her job for more than five years, but she is also a well-known film set assistant. She hailed from an affluent, squalor household as well.

She wasn’t simply a girl who had everything made for her, though. She was a bright and tenacious student who succeeded in both her academic and extracurricular pursuits.

She subsequently demonstrated her abilities by working as a set assistant for many high-profile films, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Wonder Woman, and No Time to Die, the latest James Bond thriller.

The fact that Taron and Emily were so committed to their jobs put them in a challenging predicament.

After six years of dating, Taron Egerton and Emily Thomas have ended their relationship formally. Since then, Taron has removed any references to Thomas from Instagram, according to a source close to the actor, and in anticipation of a new romance, he has reportedly joined the celebrity dating app, Raya.

An informant claims that Taron and Emily have both been extremely busy over the past year, which has placed a lot of strain on their relationship.

An Overview of Taron and Emily’s Relationship

An Overview of Taron and Emily’s Relationship


We have finally reached this moment! Despite his best efforts to keep his life under control, word of his life continued to spread like wildfire.

There has been considerable controversy around his on-and-off connection with his current girlfriend, Emily Thomas, and there has also been some media coverage of his shaky relationship with her. His romantic life doesn’t appear to be going as well as his professional career has.

How did Taron And Emily Meet? Are They Still Dating?

While Emily and Taron started dating in 2016, the precise day and month they started dating are unknown since they were both at the pinnacle of their professions at the time, which is the bump in the relationship’s journey that occurred at that time.

Taron played the role of Elton John in Rocketman just before he split up with Emily in 2018. Despite his claim that the split was a type of “reinvention,” he appeared to have been so upset.

In April 2019, there was a rekindling of the romance between Taron and Emily, and ever since then, their bond has grown. Taron said, “Unless you are watchful, you can start to occupy distinct universes,” to comprehend the experience of his most recent split.

Taron’s statement on their relationship condition caught me off guard because the two of them don’t often talk about their personal life or relationships. We’re not complaining, but we do have some worries. He broke up with his girlfriend once more in April 2022 after confirming their relationship in July of the previous year.

There seems to be a potential that the blackbird actor may be seriously hunting for a woman’s love now that he is single again. If we could pray for him to find his love quickly, that would be good.

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