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Ti: Sapphire crystal

Ti: Sapphire crystal is the most exceptional tunable laser crystal. The result tunable laser crystal is developed by blending trivalent titanium ions right into the matrix crystal. The crystal has

  • A large absorption band (400 ~ 600nm)
  • A large exhaust band (650 ~ 1200nm)
  • A huge exhaust cross section (3×10-19cm2)
  • A fluorescence lifetime of 3.2 us

Armed forces for remote picking up, radar, commercial for laser handling, etc.

Method for preparation of titanium sapphire crystal

Titanium sapphire laser crystals can be prepared by flame melting, attracting, zone melting, warmth exchange, and also various other techniques.

Flame fusion technique

The flame melting method is additionally called the Verneuil procedure. Among the techniques of artificially creating single crystals from thaw. The fine powder of the prepared resources is dripped from the mouth of the pipe, evenly splashed in the hydrogen as well as oxygen flame to be thawed, and after that recondensed and also took shape on the top layer of a seed crystal or “pear-shaped single crystal”; Pear crystal growth starts from the melting cone at the top, and its base decreases and turns during the development process to guarantee that the melting surface area has the appropriate temperature to grow layer by layer.

The man-made sapphire crystals out while revolving have the characteristics of bent development patterns or color bands like document patterns, beads, tadpole-shaped bubbles, etc. Artificial ruby, sapphire, spinel, rutile, synthetic strontium titanate, as well as various other fabricated sapphires can be generated lowly without a crucible.


The crystal pulling method, additionally referred to as the Czochralski technique, is a technique of removing top notch single crystals from thaw invented by J.Czochralski in 1917. This technique can expand anemic sapphire, ruby, Yttrium light weight aluminum garnet, Gadolinium gallium garnet, alexandrite, and spinel important sapphire crystals. In the 1960s, the pull technique was additional become a more advanced method for dealt with crystal development– melt guide mode. It is a growth method to manage crystal form as well as draw crystals with various cross-section forms directly from the melt. It eliminates the hefty mechanical handling of fabricated crystals in industrial production, saves basic materials, as well as reduces manufacturing prices.

Zone melting approach

The zone melting approach is additionally called the Fz technique, specifically the suspension zone melting technique. The zone melting technique makes use of heat energy to produce a zone at one end of a semiconductor bar, fusing a single seed crystal. Readjust the temperature to make the melting zone slowly transfer to the other end of bench, with the entire bar, and turn into a single crystal. The crystal direction is the same as the seed crystal.

Figure of Merit

Along with the needs of optical crystals, an essential index to characterize the crystal quality is the crystal Figure of Merit (FOM). FOM= a490π/ α800π, α490π, as well as α800π suggest the absorption coefficients of π polarized light at 490nm and also 800nm of the crystal, specifically.

Ti: sapphire laser

Upper power life time of Ti: sapphire laser transition: 3us. Titanium-doped sapphire crystals are recognized as the best tunable laser crystals as a result of their broad fluorescence spectrum, large discharge cross-section, great thermal conductivity, high firmness, and stable physical and also chemical residential or commercial properties. Titanium-doped sapphire laser is one of the solid-state lasers with the best adjusting variety of output range in the near-infrared band.

Expect the nonlinear optical frequency conversion strategy makes a quasi-phase-matching optical parametric oscillator by readjusting the relevant parameters. Because instance, people can obtain an infrared tunable light source with high outcome power, high effectiveness, wide tunable wavelength variety, lengthy life span, portable framework, as well as small dimension to meet the application requirements of optical communication, infrared countermeasures, environmental monitoring, and spectroscopy study and also other areas.

Ti: Sapphire laser is a solid-state laser using Ti: Al2O3 crystal as the laser tool. It is widely understood for its wide tuning variety (670nm ~ 1200nm), huge outcome power (or power), high conversion efficiency, and lots of other excellent features. It has ended up being the most swiftly created, the most mature, the most useful, and one of the most commonly made use of solid-state tunable laser up until now.

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