Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK)

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Global trade and commerce have been continuously impacted by the expansion of sophisticated networking and technical systems. Throughout the course of the pandemic, this growth of the network reached unprecedented heights. These days, when people talk about PCNOK, they usually mean some kind of networking solution connected to the medical industry (Patient Care Networking). Patients may now have digital access to medical studies and information because to developments in networking. A growing number of patients are being polled every day, and this technology has been demonstrated to greatly improve their treatment and rehabilitation.

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What is PCNOK?

PCNOK, or the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, is a cooperative of 19 medical facilities located all around the Sooner State. This group is based on three pillars: more funding, improved population health, and more efficient medical care.

Oklahoma is home to 77 different nationalities, and this organization was established in 2014 in the United States to serve these communities by facilitating cooperative business contracts such as group buying.

Although the company may have fewer employees overall, their services are better than the competitors. Technologies like Font Awesome, reCAPTCHA, and Office 365 are used throughout the network. During the last several years, Patient Care Network of Oklahoma has expanded its customer base to include almost 500 Oklahoma-based businesses and government agencies. The mission of the Oklahoma Patient Care Network is to improve public health via high-quality medical service. The PCNOK is an excellent illustration of a clinically integrated network that is committed to continuous service improvement. In other words, we need better people, a better quality of life, and the development of new ideas and treatments. Through the Oklahoma Patient Care Network, cooperative purchasing and other kinds of mutual contracting are promoted.

The mission of PCNOK

This comprehensive healthcare package caters to people of all ages, from those expecting to those in their golden years. PCNOK has three primary objectives for enhancing healthcare:

  • More thorough treatment
  • More healthy people
  • Spending more wisely

Healthcare for everyone at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or convenience is a central tenet of PCNOK’s mission. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, the parties’ interests will work together for mutual benefit. One way that businesses might save money is by making bulk purchases. The focus is entirely on hospitals and doctors.

How Does a PCNOK Network Work?

Through Patient Care Network, clinicians are able to visit more patients while maintaining their high standards of care. It also helps patients financially. The state of Oklahoma has created a centralized patient database that will save time for physicians. As a result, physicians can devote more time and energy to each individual patient and provide them the finest treatment possible.

More physicians and higher quality treatment are available to patients as well. OK citizens can get in to see a doctor quickly and locate one that works with their insurance. If a patient is unable to pay their medical expenses or is temporarily outside of the country, they may still rest confident that someone will.

The Major Benefit of PCNOK

Because of this system, every patient may be certain that they will get the best possible care without leaving their home. The network makes it a point to monitor patients’ conditions and intervene when necessary.

The medical staff, not only their patients, benefits from this technology.

The following are a few of the many benefits of using the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma:-

Patients Benefits

This cutting-edge apparatus monitors the patient’s health in real time. It protects the patient from harm throughout treatment and recovery. Self-care by patients is a game-changer in emergency situations.

Family Member’s Benefits

Family and friends of patients may be certain that they will be closely monitored. They are in good hands, and their loved ones’ well-being is being monitored constantly so that the family may rest comfortable.

Healthcare Professional’s Benefits

There are a variety of positive outcomes associated with using Patient Care Network of Oklahoma Technology. They are alerted to issues and encouraged to resolve them.

SSN Benefits

Smart detection technology developed by the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma helps reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room. This opens the door for people to obtain the care they need without leaving their homes, which is a huge convenience. The family members of patients may be kept informed by the medical team.

List of Members That Work in PCNOK, Oklahoma

  • Tina Davis
  • Amy Gilbreath
  • Isabella Lawson
  • Scott Rosenthal
  • Susan Savage
  • Andrew Lasser

Additional Facts about PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma)

  • The healthcare sector accounts for the bulk of PCNOK’s $ 1.1 million in annual income.
  • As compared to other businesses, Patient Care Network of Oklahoma has a negligible market share and stable revenue growth.
  • It has a small workforce of 25 workers and a modest pace of expansion.

The Final Thoughts

In order to better serve its members, PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma) advocates for collective bargaining power via activities like group purchasing. As a result, we’ve covered every aspect of this system in Oklahoma.

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