Is TRIOKID Baby Stroller Best For Baby

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Written By Albert Roy

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Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for your kids?! Well, look no further! Have you seen these adorable Triokid best baby Stroller before?! I can’t even contain my excitement for sharing this with you here.

I posted a picture of the baby doll stroller on my Instagram, but I wanted to share more about it here on the blog. This stroller is seriously one of the cutest I have ever seen. It comes in three colours: Grape (shown here), Lemon Green and Blueberry.

The stroller is super lightweight, has adjustable handles, can be put forwards or backwards facing… and get this: YOU CAN DRAW ON THE FABRIC! Like, that is so neat! Your kids can personalize it and have a ball drawing on it, which makes it so cool and unique!

The stroller also has a great basket compartment at the bottom, which is perfect for storing your baby’s belongings.

Specs of TRIOKID Stroller

  • The quality is good of triokid stroller but the handle is too short. It says 3+ but it’s really only meant for 1–2-year-olds.
  • These handles only adjust to 3 settings. The lowest one is too low to pull. The middle is too short for a 3-year-old.
  • The highest setting is uncomfortable because it knocks into your heel as you walk. You have to be careful with this.
  • The highest setting on this wagon is uncomfortable because it keeps knocking against the heel. You have to walk carefully with this setting.
  • I was looking for a nice wagon for my child to take out when we go shopping or to the park. We ended up mostly using it for storage or pretend play.
  • I wish the handle was longer or there was an extra setting for the handle between the highest and the middle setting.


  • This doll stroller comes fully assembled with a removable, weather-resistant canopy. It’s very easy to fold, and its lightweight design makes it perfect for travel and storage. The stylish drawable fabric allows you to customize the stroller to make it unique! There is also a locking mechanism on the back of the stroller to make sure it doesn’t accidentally fold up while young children are playing with it.
  • The doll stroller is equipped with a seat belt for doll safety and has a convenient storage basket in the bottom for other doll accessories and supplies.
  • The doll stroller is tested and passes all physical tests, flammability tests, and chemical tests, including lead content and heavy metal screening. All of our fabrics come from an OEKO-TEX certified supplier that tests textile products at environmentally friendly facilities.
  • The dimensions of the stroller are 7.4″L x 26.7″H x 4.9″W. It can easily fit a 18″ doll and is the perfect size for kids who are beyond 3 years old.

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