Is There Any Future Of Hooked Protocol?

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Written By Albert Roy

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HOOK, also known first as Hooked Protocol, provides an on-ramp mechanism enabling widespread Web 3.0 adoption. For their entry into the Web3 universe, they offer businesses customized Learning and Earning solutions as well as training facilities. Hooked Protocol crypto is the HOOK. HOOK works on the ecosystem. 

Whenever you store HOOK coins, you will also be entered to win prizes. For businesses looking to join the Web3 world, Hooked Protocol provides tailored Learn & Earn services. Hooked Protocol is being sought by some buyers only. Is there any future of Hooked Protocol? Let us explore from this post. 

The Future Of Hooked Protocol

Hooked Protocol’s governance coin is called HOOK. On the opposing side, their utilitarian coin is HGT. The functionality and network extension are decided by HOOK owners. Additionally, HOOK will be used by all decentralized applications on the network as the GAS cost for on-chain operations. HOOK/USDT is currently listed by MEXC in the evaluation zone!

From December last year, everyone was able to begin selling it! What distinguishing qualities does Hooked Protocol have? It showcased a gamified learning element that many users like. Hooked Protocol has just improved its app by adding a social recommendation mechanism. They also developed a Web3 community gateway with alluring incentives.

Through privately owned crypto sales earlier, when 20% of the coins were distributed, Hooked Protocol was able to generate around $6 million. As a result, it is currently focusing on creating specialized product experiences in order to expand its audience via widespread Web3 acceptance and education.

With a goal to create an exciting network of future society economics, they are merging the enrolling infrastructure for businesses moving to Web3 during this time. A genuine community entrance to Web3 with a range of rewards, accessible wallets, and decentralized identification is what they desire to build.

Gaming Experience With Learning

This is based on gamification, which combines interactive and curious studying with a streamlined educational framework. Playing while learning will be feasible with this method for Web3 basics. The scope of the Hooked Protocol seems to be strong at first. However, there exist several Web3 competitors. 

It is also developing Web3 modeling experience so that consumers may engage in the primary crypto-related industries, such as NFT. The first pilot program from Hooked, called Wild Cash, has already attracted millions of users since it was introduced in Brazil and Indonesia. That is exactly how Hooked’s game-based learning process works.

The debut of the development platform, generating money through the token sale, and exceeding millions of visitors are the attained milestones. In order to support significant future growth, Quiz-to-Earn was started in some nations. The team members collaborated with the Tier 1 infrastructure of some crypto technologies.

Before its market debut, Binance conducted an official subscription scheme that enabled BNB owners to participate in. For the proportion of the committed BNB, members obtained the HOOK coin when it first entered the market. The collaboration with Binance has already said a lot of things. 


Even though the future of Hooked Protocol is not so bright, you can spend some money. Hooked Protocol can be risky because it is a new initiative. Many people are not aware of the Hooked crypto. So, in the future, there are chances that it may fail. You should look for price predictions. 

Many people highly appreciate Launchpad because it frequently turns out that the market worth after release is greater than the initial worth. However, even in the instance of HOOK, customers who had purchased it in advance and sold it as soon as it was listed would have made a significant profit.

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