Is Dubai Cheap in December, Why?

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Dubai is best visited during what time of year? Every holiday destination, let alone Dubai, is subject to this question. Can you tell me when Dubai is cheapest? It costs an average of £320 per flight from the UK to Dubai in September, and it costs an average of £156 per night to stay in a hotel. Flights to Dubai are on average just £2 more expensive in September than in November.

In Spite of This,

September wins when all costs are considered. Rest easy if you can’t travel in September and want to know what other months are the cheapest to visit Dubai because we have researched and displayed the average travel costs, month by month, to help you decide when is the best time to visit. Also listed below are short explanations of how and why you can travel cheaply in that particular month. November to February are the best months to visit Dubai. The sea temperature is a soul-warming 23C and there are ten hours of sunshine per day on average.

How Can I Find the Cheapest Month to Travel to Dubai?

You should visit Dubai in September if you want to make the most of your trip. The Mediterranean is a popular destination for British and European tourists looking for sun, causing flight prices and hotel rates to plummet. During the high season of December to February, particularly around Christmas, hotel rates tend to rise between October and New Year. Make sure you avoid May through August if you would like to enjoy the sights and shopping malls of the city, instead of spending your time in a hotel room with an air conditioner on full blast. The average temperature during a particularly hot July can melt make-up as well as parts of your car if you don’t have any shade. Consider February if you’re looking for a winter sun break that is all-year-round. You might also want to consider Easter if you have the time.

Is Dubai On Your List of Places to Visit in December?

You should do it! There are so many winter events throughout the month that you can step into Christmas while catching some rays during the winter season, when temperatures are bearable, shops are stocked with discounted gifts, and shops are packed with winter events. The purpose of this guide is to give you an overview of the best things to do in Dubai in December, to give you tips for Christmas Day, and to recommend where to celebrate New Year’s Eve, 31st December, in style.

Dubai Christmas events are still to be decided. During the month of December, there are many things to do in Dubai.

 The December Weather in Dubai,

The weather in Dubai is ideal in December since it is the winter season and the temperature ranges from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Summer months in Dubai are extremely hot with temperatures often reaching 40-50 degrees Celsius in the daytime, making it difficult to visit most places in the city during the day. The peak tourist season makes December the most expensive month to book flights and hotels. Booking in advance and avoiding last-minute deals are the best options. Dubai’s top attractions are actually outdoors. That’s why so many people visit Dubai during the winter months: beaches, gardens, desert safari tours. Our budget tips will help keep your Dubai trip affordable as always!

In Dubai, When Does Winter Begin?

Dubai’s winter falls between December and March, according to the northern hemisphere. The likelihood of snow and freezing temperatures is unlikely for much of Europe and North America. A mild winter in Dubai is characterized by blue skies, sunny days, and crisp, cool nights – but rarely anything you’d call cold. In Dubai, the seasons are rather compared to those of the rest of the world, with huge variations in heat between summer and winter (or hot, very hot, and OMG I can’t believe it gets that hot!).

During the Winter, There Are Many Things To Do in Dubai:

Next, let’s talk about winter in Dubai, and why we love it so much. Taking advantage of the cooler weather means returning to favorite parks and outdoor activities! As the world’s largest post-pandemic gathering arrives in Dubai during winter 2021/22, Dubai will be made even more special by Expo 2020.

Dubai Will Host Expo 2020,

We recommend this top-of-the-line hotel for visitors taking a trip to Dubai between 1 October 2021 and 21 March 2022. With over 190 countries represented, this event provides a world showcase of innovative technology, sustainability, and sustainability practices. While many categories of free tickets are available for Expo 2020, it is a ticketed event. To reach the grounds, which sit south-west of the main city, you can use the Dubai Metro or the Expo Rider buses that run across the city. You can reach the grounds easily by metro or by bus, as there are free Expo Rider buses that operate across the city to take you there.

Our Guide to Expo 2020 Dubai Can Be Found Here.

Activities in Dubai’s Parks & Outdoors:

If you’re visiting Dubai in the winter, make sure to visit one of the parks and outdoor spaces that the city has to offer. We recommend these parks for visitors who want to discover a different side of Dubai: The beachfront venue La Mer isn’t just for summer, if you’re looking to enjoy street vibes, al fresco dining, Laguna Waterpark, Roxy Cinemas, and totally Instagram Mable beach huts, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Souks And Old City of Dubai Are Worth Exploring,

Winter is a great time to take a long stroll outside due to the cooler temperatures. The Gold & Spice Souks in Deira are one of the most popular souks in Dubai, and you may want to spend a full day exploring the museums around Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. 

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