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According to the data breach probe, 5.1 million records were taken from the codecov database belonging to the Investigators codecov.


After the security breach

April has been tasked with investigating a system breach that was discovered on March 29th, 29k.

The investigation revealed that the data theft and subsequent demand for payment occurred on April 29 and were communicated to Hacking Team’s system administrators through email. The email included a link to a Dropbox account, which was where the thieves were storing the stolen information. After receiving this email, the security staff at Hacking Team began searching for signs of an assault. April was contacted as well, but she was reportedly out of town.

There was no evidence of a breach in the Hacking Team’s networks, according to our security specialists who evaluated the stolen data. However, it seems that April had been tricked into giving up her login information, which was then used to view her own mailbox. We believe April’s computer was compromised because a hacker sent her an email with a virus-infected file or link (or lured her to a phishing website).


An intruder going by the name of reuters breached Codecov in April. He did so by exploiting a vulnerability in the service’s Bash Uploader script. Hackers compromised the script in order to get access to users’ PCs running Codecov and collect passwords, tokens, and other tokenized tokens, as well as environment variables. As part of Codecov’s regularly scheduled maintenance, the revised script was sent to users.


The Codecov April breach might have affected thousands of companies. According to Codecov, several of the world’s leading IT companies were compromised. Due to the incident, passwords, access tokens, and other sensitive information belonging to these businesses were leaked. Criminals might use this information to hack into these companies’ networks and steal sensitive data.

Reuters’ April Satter Releases New Investigative Report

On April 23, 2021, Reuters published the results of their investigation into the incident.

They cited sources within Codecov’s internal security team who claimed that the attacker “had acquired full access to some elements of [Codecov’s] computer infrastructure for more than three months” and could have potentially accessed “substantial volumes of sensitive data” or “inserted harmful code” without being spotted.

Moreover, they claimed that Codecov has found other attack paths, which are now being investigated by security teams at Codecov and the third-party services with whom they work (such as cloud hosting providers).

Effect on Clients

Several of Codecov’s customers are worried because they rely on the company’s automated code review and testing services before releasing new software versions into production.

Companies like IBM and Atlassian immediately notified their users of the breach and the steps they were taking to fix it (e.g., reviewing credentials associated with their accounts).

As a result of this incident, government agencies including NASA are reportedly reviewing any contracts now in place with Codecov and have temporarily halted signing any new ones until further notice.

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Last Words

The extent of the data breach may be determined with the help of professional investigators. Several organizations and people have turned to us for help after suffering a data breach. We’re here to help if you suspect a security breach at your company. If you suspect a data breach has happened at your company, we can help investigate it for you as well. We have extensive experience conducting joint investigations with regulatory and law enforcement agencies. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we may discuss how we may be of service to you.

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