Instagram now lets everyone post from the desktop and more

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Today, Instagram said that users would soon be able to upload photographs and videos using their desktop computer browsers.

Instagram started testing the ability to publish from the desktop a few months ago, but it was only available to certain users. Everyone will now be allowed to publish using the desktop app as of October 21, according to TechCrunch. Also, the business revealed several new features that will debut this week.

For instance, a brand-new “Collabs” tool that went live today will “enable individuals to co-author both Feed articles and Reels” and is presently being referred to as a “test.” According to TechCrunch, “users may invite another account to be a collaborator from the tagging page on Instagram” to do this.

Instagram will also start testing a feature that lets NGOs establish fundraisers. You may use the ability to launch fundraising right from the plus button. There, you may pick a charitable organization and publish the fundraiser on your Feed.

A few modifications have been made to Reels to improve the musical experience:

Superheat and Dynamic Lyrics are two new effects that Instagram will launch on Thursday to assist producers who edit and perform with music on Reels. According to Instagram, Dynamic Lyrics will display 3D words that will flow with the song’s “groove,” while Superheat will intelligently add unique effects to music to the beat of the user’s song.

Introducing Instagram Broadcast Channels

Introducing Instagram Broadcast Channels

The most recent change to the Instagram platform is the Instagram Broadcast Channels.

It’s a brand-new function that enables authors to create a community within a brand-new messaging platform. With the help of an Instagram channel, producers may communicate directly with their most devoted fans and share all of their most recent news.

Now, it is exclusively accessible to US-based creators, but in the upcoming months, it will become open to everyone.

Instagram is launching Gifts for all creators in the US

Giving away items is a simple method for producers to support themselves on Instagram. Fans may use this choice to offer creators digital gifts that they can eventually monetize.

This is the procedure.

  • A Gift option will be visible for creators who are qualified on the bottom left of their Reels.
  • To give a present to the creator, a fan can select and buy Stars from the library.
  • If they have a particular number of gifts, the creators will eventually be able to swap and withdraw them as actual money.

The following qualifies one to use the Gifts option:

  • The creator must reside in the US.
  • Having a business Instagram account
  • creating active Reels on Instagram
  • Adopt the monetary policy.
  • Maintain your adherence to the Instagram Community Guidelines.

Check for further details in your Professional dashboard in the Instagram app to discover whether you are elidable.

Only Reels from the present and Reels from the past, present, and future on Instagram will be eligible for gifts.

How to post on Instagram via your desktop

According to 9to5Mac, if you’re one of the fortunate few who already has the function activated, Instagram will notify you via a pop-up when you log in. And in that case, here’s how to publish on Instagram using a desktop computer:

  1. Press the plus (+) sign in the upper right corner. It will show up between the compass and message symbols.
  2. You may choose from your computer or drag and drop images or movies.
  3. Modify and filter your post.
  4. Provide a caption, a geotag, and the names of individuals you want to tag.
  5. Tap Share.

Here are instructions on how to shoot the greatest photos on your Android or iPhone as well as how to conceal likes on your Instagram profile.

Instagram App Navigation Update

Instagram has announced a tweak to the mobile app’s primary menu that aims to make it easier for users to accept the company’s 2023 purpose, which includes bringing people together over the things they love.

The following changes will be implemented in February: the Store menu will be eliminated, Reels will now be located to the right, and the shortcut for producing content in the middle.

People may still utilize the shopping options in the Feed, Stories, Reels, and Ads, the CEO stated.

How to post to Instagram on Mac and PC

How to post to Instagram on Mac and PC

  • To begin, click the brand-new Plus symbol in the upper right corner (next to the Messenger icon)
  • To upload your pictures or movies, follow the instructions (drag & drop or “Choose from Computer”).
  • Pick your format and size.
  • Choose a filter and/or modify (tab at the top)
  • Provide a caption, your location, and more.
  • Choose Share

What do you make of each of these characteristics? Do you intend to employ them? Comment below with your answer and we’ll post it.

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