Here are the new emoji included with today’s release of iOS 15.4

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Many new emojis have been added with the release of iOS 15.4 today. A variety of new emojis is now available to users, including beans, melting faces, heart hands, disco balls, and more.

The iOS 15.4 update released today adds more than 40 new emojis, giving users a total of over 120 new possibilities.

There are “10 non-standard Handshake emoji pairs where one of the hands does not have a skin tone modifier,” according to Emojipedia. The original handshake emoji has been expanded with additional skin tone variants. The latest update also adds several additional handshakes and gestures, including palm up, palm down, and an index finger point.

Seven new happy emojis, including the melting face, which appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert on the front page of the New York Times, are included in the update. Along with new gender-neutral emojis, Apple has also included troll, biting lip, and a range of skin tones.

The addition of coral, an ID card, bubbles, a hamsa, a jar, a slide, and other items is among the more haphazard ones.

These new emojis are also included in iPadOS 15.4, tvOS 15.4, watchOS 8.5, and macOS 12.3, in addition to iOS 15.4.

Your favorite new emoji is which one?



According to Emojipedia, Apple’s most recent update has brought 123 new emoji designs to its keyboard, including the 112 emojis that were accepted as a part of Emoji 14.0.

The most recent version has added several new emoticons, from handshakes to smileys, that can help your communications stand out in contrast to those of other software users.

Every mask wearer will appreciate the update’s new function, which is also included. With the mask on, you may now unlock your phone!

Another feature that comes with the most recent version is Universal Control. Users of the iPad and Mac may now share a keyboard and mouse thanks to this.


Apple has included “10 non-standard Handshake emoji pairings where one of the hands does not have a skin tone modifier” as part of its latest collection of emoticons.

There are several emojis available in addition to the handshake, including palm up, palm down, and index finger pointing.

Melting face, face with the peeping eye, saluting face, face with diagonal lips, and face holding back tears are among the smileys available in iOS 15.4.

Moreover, iOS 15.4 includes 18 random emojis in the categories of Animals & Nature, Food & Drink Items, and Symbols, such as a lotus, beans, and jar.


Apple consumers have turned to twitter to express their excitement for the new emojis and their opinions of the most recent update.

Who has the most recent iOS update? The new emojis have me in ecstasy.

Another user said, “I love these new emojis that come with the latest iOS version.”

One user added the following to the previously mentioned tweet: “Loving the new emojis on iOS 15.4 update!!!! @Apple and many more!”

Another delighted Apple user wrote, “Everyone upgrade to iOS 15.4 cuz I need to start tweeting these new emojis PLEASE.”

Here’s what’s in store in the emoji world

What type of emojis are introduced?

What type of emojis are introduced

Apple incorporated many hand gestures that have become popular in the modern world in addition to face emojis. These will make talks more interesting and less boring, from BTS’ well-known crossed-finger heart sign to an emoji with the index finger pointing at the viewer like in the legendary Uncle Sam’s poster. If you’ve run out of options for red, blue, or purple hearts, this emoji of two hands forming a heart is available. Right and left hands with the palms pointing down are another pair of hand gestures.

Many additional facial emojis are also included in the new additions. Emojipedia reports that there are seven new smiling emojis in the Apple iOS 15.4 beta. A melting face emoji has been released in anticipation of the coming summer, and it will undoubtedly be widely used in the months to come.

When any terrifying message appears, the “Face with Peeking Eye” is there to assist. When things are probably not going your way, you may express your emotions by using the emoji “Face Holding Back Tears.” The idiom “Face with Wide Eyes and Hand over Mouth” is more ominous or startling.

The iOS 15.4 update also gives a nseveralings their emoji versions. This collection includes things like a low battery indication, ring buoy, slide, and even an illustration of a troll. The emoji roster is fairly diverse, including a person wearing a crown, a pregnant woman, someone pouring liquid, and more.

Inclusivity in mind

The current handshake emoji has had a skin tone variant added as part of the recent updates to reflect diversity. The main benefit is that one may select different skin tones for either hand. Skin tone variants are available for all the new additional movements.

Unicode Consortium approval

On January 27, 2022, Emojipedia released the first image of the new emojis that will be included in iOS 15.4. In September 2021, the Unicode Consortium accepted the 37 additional additions. All emojis must be approved and standardized by this organization.

These new emojis have already been made available to developers as part of the iOS 15.4 beta, but Emojipedia predicts that they will be made available to the general public in March or April.

Origin of emojis

Formerly known as “emoticons,” emojis were created by Shigetaka Kurita, a Japanese artist. From their initial appearance on the internet in 1999, they have grown to play a significant role in our digital lives.

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