E-commerce Packaging Hacks: Utilizing Cardboard Boxes

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Written By Albert Roy

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Custom boxes are an easy way to make your packaging more valuable and professional. You can find wholesale cardboard boxes that come with templates, graphics, and artwork you get to choose from. They’re also sturdy enough for most shipments, and the actual box makes great retail packaging. If you have a product e-commerce business or other industrial use, there are smart ways you can use cardboard boxes. For example, see https://stampaprints.com/vape-cartridge-packaging/ to ship your products securely. 

Packaging companies specialize in cardboard boxes, but they often overcharge; the cost of shipping the boxes can exceed the cost of buying them. A great packaging design will help you make a good first impression with potential customers. Your design should be eye-catching and memorable, while also telling people what your product does. The best packaging designs are those that balance these two goals. In addition, your packaging should be strong and protect your product during shipping and storage. 

A box cutter is a great way to save money on shipping costs. 

Money always seems to be an issue when running a business, especially with little details such as shipping and packing materials. A helpful tip is to use a box cutter when sending out parcels; this simple act can save you quite a few bucks down the line. Additionally, placing only one small item in each cardboard box that weighs less than some pounds makes it easier to handle these items without spending extra money on packaging material for organization purposes–plus it looks cleaner overall! 

Once you have few boxes on your shelves, begin to fill the empty space in your warehouse with more cardboard boxes. These will be packed neatly and taped to shelves. By doing this, you can easily organize inventory and create a system that is much faster than before. Smaller cardboard boxes (pallets) are easier to move around and keep track of – perfect for filling up any extra space in your warehouse! 

If you run or manage a warehouse, now is the time to use pallets, especially with e-commerce on the rise. People increasingly sell goods using cardboard boxes, so packing labels and hanging tags are becoming more commonplace. Adding tags to boxes can save you money by preventing misplaced or lost inventory. Plus, they’re easy to use! 

Now that you have a few ideas on how to organize your inventory better, it’s time to plan the order of which you’ll arrange your products. By using tape to section off an area, you can create a manifest for each container, including what product is in that container and when it will arrive. 

Use boxes with pre-formed flaps for easy packaging. No more taping required! 

The packaging you use for your e-commerce site is crucial; it can make your life much easier if you buy boxes that come with pre-made flaps. That way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of folding the box flaps– which can be a pain in the neck if don’t have access to proper equipment. 

If you want to give people gifts, it is cheaper to buy them in bulk. You can also use wine boxes instead of gift bags. If you use white paper towels, you could also double the number of used towels that you have. Paper towels, plumbers tape, and masking tape can. 

You can use small metal toilet paper holders to pack cut flowers in the boxes instead of packing peanuts. You don’t have to worry about breaking the paper when you staple the clips on. Paper things like flyers and business cards can also be packed in these boxes. And if someone saves one of these toilet paper holders, they can reuse it later. People like to use colored paper tape for wrapping. Paper clips are good for packaging and other items, such as a dry erase marker used for scars. 

You can save money on shipping by buying smaller boxes. 

It is cheaper to buy smaller boxes when you are shipping heavy items like many books. You can save up to 60% on shipping costs by filling up the box with items instead of just putting one or two things in the box. You can also use cardboard to make other things like shipping boxes or packaging your plants. 

Customers want to know that they are getting a good deal. If they buy a box from you, what do they expect? They should be able to expect that the box is clean and will be delivered to their mailbox the same day. Offering free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to shop with you. 

Saving money is important for those who live on the other side of the globe. If you sell items to them, you can offer their currency worth more than yours. 

Just like the packaging box, you can reuse it to repurpose it. When you travel, the box becomes your suitcase, and the suitcase becomes your dry storage.  

Get rid of the old boxes by throwing them away or recycling them. You can also store them in a cupboard. But don’t use these stores that have the same boxes because oftentimes, these products must be replaced due to poor conditions. 


Packaging is the first thing people see when they are thinking about buying something. It is important that the packaging looks good and shows how great the product is. The packaging should also be strong to protect the product from being damaged while it is being shipped or stored. There is packaging printing near me so that one can utilize it. 

When companies make packaging, they should consider how easy it is to open and recycle. This will make people want to buy the product more, and it will help reduce pollution. 

If you’re e-commerce shopping, learn how to use cardboard boxes for shipping so that you can save some money. Packing efficiently is key when items need to be transported–you’ll want to make sure your things are secure in a box that won’t break easily. You can do this by cutting a large box in half before placing your items inside; this will act as additional protection against any damage during movement. 

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