Disney Backpacks Essentials: Important Things to Pack In Your Disney Day Bag

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Are you wondering what to carry in your Disney backpacks and what basics you should bring into the parks? In this post, we explore everything you need to carry in your Disney day bag while traveling from sun-up til’ sun-down at the Happiest Place on Earth! Upon utilizing our Disney World basics checklist, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a fantastic day at the Disney theme parks.

In fact, hang around until the end of the post for our FREE Disney Day Bag printable checklist to guarantee that not one single Disney necessity is left behind.

Disney Backpacks: Packing Basics

First-things-first is that I do suggest that you carry a bag of Disney basics with you if you intend on spending a whole day at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, or Hollywood Studios. Being prepared with some of the basics will not only help you tour more effectively, but it will help you save money at Disney by not having to buy Disney World supplies within the park.

I strongly advocate carrying a backpack, vs a cross-body purse or bag. In order to prevent developing a back or shoulder strain, you should spread its weight equally over your back, particularly if you’ll be carrying it for a full day.

If you don’t already have a durable, decent-sized backpack, this is the one for you! Purchasing a park bag that can be repurposed as a carry-on or a conventional disney backpacks after you’re home is a budget-friendly solution. Additional preparation tip: Conveniently, every ride at the Disney theme parks permits bags to be transported into the ride. This is significantly different from when visiting Universal Studio Orlando theme parks that require bags to be deposited inside of lockers prior to riding most attractions.

Disney Backpacks Essentials Checklist

Here is an outline of the essential must-haves to take with you when you spend the day at Walt Disney World!

  • Safety and sanitation essentials
  • Weather-related items

Safety and Sanitation Essentials

It is vital to analyze the significant Disney adjustments that have taken place since its reopening during the global epidemic.

Here are both the needed and our advised goods to bring with you for your Disney trip to adhere to current safety and sanitary rules.

  • Disney-approved facial covers for all customers (ages 2 & up) and cast personnel to be worn when inside
  • Bring an additional mask in case you lose one
  • Portable hand sanitizer
  • A stylus (if you want to avoid touching keypads) (if you want to avoid touching keypads)

Additional planning tip: Having a travel agent to assist arrange your Disney visit is more valuable than ever right now.

Consider reserving via a travel agency in order to take the guessing work out of tickets, reservations, closures, and the ever-changing safety restrictions.

Heat, rain, and sun are all things that will impact your Disney experience at any time of the year. We’ve devoted a whole essay on how to cope with the Florida heat and humidity in order to still enjoy your holiday. During the months of November through March, cold mornings and cool nights are also something to consider.

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