Confluence Demo vs Jira Demo – Get Free Demo 2023

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If you are deciding between Confluence and Jira, you may want to consider taking a free Confluence Demo and Jira Demo to see which one is the right software for your company. Below are some of the features that each has to offer and a few of the differences between the two that you might want to keep in mind before making your final decision.

Confluence Demo

If you want to explore the various options available in the market for Knowledge Management Software (KMS), then you can consider a free Confluence Demo. This will give you an idea of how these tools are useful for your business.

Confluence is a collaborative workspace used by teams of all sizes. It allows teams to create a document repository in one place. Team members can collaborate and edit the pages together. They can also add comments. These comments are tagged to allow other team members to easily find and respond to them.

With Confluence, users can view the history of the page, the changes that have been made to it, and compare them with the previous version. Additionally, they can set up access controls to restrict the use of confidential information by certain groups.

Moreover, you can choose to use the editor feature, which enables you to write your own products requirements and research reports. You can also mention and tag team members, which is an invaluable feature to help you communicate with them.

Among other benefits, Confluence has a free version for small teams. However, the premium packages start at $5 per user. Thus, it is not cheap for large organizations.

In addition to this, users can easily integrate the software with over 3,000 other tools. Besides, it has a wide range of pricing plans, enabling you to choose the best fit for your needs.

Jira Demo

Jira Software Demo is a program that is used by software development teams. It is a project management tool that enables users to keep track of various tasks and issues.

Jira can be a complicated tool to use. However, it has some useful features. The software helps users to streamline workflows.

In addition to that, it allows users to collaborate and plan work across teams. JIRA also provides robust issue management support. This means that users can see the status of their tickets.

It has a wide variety of tissue types. These include epic issue types, bug functionality requests, and story functionality requests. Each issue type has its own process flows, which can be customized.

Users can also view reports that give real-time insights into agile methodologies. For example, the Jira Analytics app allows users to combine different dimensions of data and compare them against one another.

A typical workflow in Jira is based on 3 concepts: a task, an issue, and an activity. All these categories are displayed within the issue in different fields.

Issues are important in JIRA because they help users to keep track of their team. They provide users with a breakdown of their workload and provide a detailed outline of the steps required to complete the task.

JIRA offers an option for teams to report issues. This can be done through Zendesk, Salesforce, and many other plug-ins.

You can also set up a dedicated customer support team. Moreover, you can choose between different pricing plans.

Confluence Features

Confluence is an easy-to-use team workspace that encourages open communication and information sharing. It allows teams to work together on pages, organize content, and give contextual feedback. This collaborative tool is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger organizations.

A Confluence demo gives you a taste of its power and versatility. You can start a free trial today, and learn more about its features. If you decide to purchase, you can choose a Standard or Premium plan. For the first 100 users, you can get a Free plan that provides a generous amount of functionality. The Standard plan is just $5 a month for up to 10 users, while the Premium plan costs only $10 a month.

Confluence is designed to improve your workflow and allow you to make better decisions. Rather than sending emails or putting information in a spreadsheet, you can store it in a secure, cloud-based system. With a few clicks, you can add images, assign tasks, mention team members, and more.

You can also create your own custom templates, and customize the templates available. These include project plans, product launch plans, personas, and more.

Confluence works with over 3,000 apps and tools, so you can quickly integrate it into your existing software. It offers a powerful search tool, and you can even use macros to enhance the functionality of your content.

Jira Software Features

Jira Software has a number of features that help software development teams get organized. These features include task distribution, reporting, and automation. They also provide a great way to track software development projects.

JIRA has a well-documented Java API that allows anyone to write custom code to add on to the software. The software integrates with a number of Atlassian tools, including Slack and Trello.

There are also a few free and premium Jira Software plugins that can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace. This includes apps for bug tracking, special charts, and other views. In addition, there is a free app for mobile devices.

Jira software has a large selection of add-ons that allow users to customize the software to fit their specific needs. For example, the tool has a unique template for different businesses. Its sidebar gives users instant details about planning and other useful features.

Jira software is designed to be easy to use, but at the same time powerful. Users can also choose to use the tool on an on-premise or cloud-based system. With Jira, it’s possible to create tasks from any screen. And, for desktop systems, Jira offers a native app.

Jira software is used by many organizations, including those in IT and computer software. However, it’s also used by other industries, such as marketing, healthcare, and financial services.

The free version of the software has a lot of functions, but the cloud version is more expensive. A subscription to the cloud version begins at $7 a month for up to 10,000 users.


Confluence is a powerful team collaboration solution that provides a variety of features. For example, it has a powerful search feature, handy templates, and inline file attachments. It also includes a project management app.

Confluence offers a free plan that allows for up to 10 users. Moreover, it comes with 2GB of cloud storage. In addition, it includes a wide array of integrations.

Its search features allow users to browse the page by its type and date. Users can also compare two different versions of the same page. Additionally, it has a tagging feature that helps team members find answers faster.

Confluence integrates with other Atlassian apps, including Jira and Trello. This makes it easy to stay in the loop with ongoing projects. It also provides documentation for users.

Moreover, it has an export option that allows users to send their content to others. The tool’s dashboards are also useful. These help you track progress and identify areas of improvement.

Confluence comes with an enticing free trial, which includes up to 2GB of storage and the ability to create a space for up to ten users. If you decide to upgrade, the cost starts at $10 per user per month. However, the price can get pretty steep if you need more than ten users and a dedicated workspace.

Confluence also boasts an impressive template database. The application includes a collection of templates for everything from product launch plans to marketing plans. You can also customize the templates to meet your specific needs.

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