Confirmed: Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Will Not Be Coming

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The Tokyo Ravens light book series is a Japanese series that Khei Azano authored and Sumihei drew. When Tokyo Ravens initially debuted, it was a terrific animation. The show’s debut season was excellent. Considering how amazing the first season of Tokyo Ravens was, fans anxiously anticipated the release of Season 2. Especially considering that the wait has already lasted more than eight years. The release of Season 2 is yet unknown. Several viewers gave up on their dreams. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should wait for the anime, here’s what we have for you.

About Tokyo Ravens

It’s important to know the show’s premise before discussing whether the second season will be renewed or canceled. If you haven’t watched the program yet, you can learn more about it by reading about it. And if you have, you can move on to the article’s main body. Tokyo Ravens, an anime series, debuted on October 9, 2013, and ran through March 26, 2014.

The 24-episode season was the only one the show had. The show’s fantastic narrative centered on Tsuchimikado Heritor, a member of the illustrious Onmyoji family who is unable to perceive “spirit energy” despite being born into it. He has therefore been leading a peaceful life with his friends from the Onmyo branch school.

The head family’s heir apparent, Tsuchimikado Natsume, appears out of nowhere one day. He decides to take matters into his own hands by fighting alongside Natsume as her Shinigami when a gang of persons from the Onmyo Agency attempts to duplicate the calamity that led to Japan’s extinction two years ago (supporter).

Will Eight Bit Ever Renew Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Will Eight Bit Ever Renew Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Fans have been pleading with Eight Bit to continue Tokyo Ravens Season 2 for the past six to seven years. Many petitions and numerous social media demands have been made in favor of the sequel as of right now. The studio has so far refrained from discussing the anime’s future. Well, observers assume that this may be because of the light novel’s low performance.

In contrast to American television programs, anime adaptations heavily rely on their source material. The quantity of adaptable materials determines how often they are renewed. Some of them never even get to witness the second season’s star. This is because the main purpose of these adaptations is to advertise the original works. Moreover, the sales of their particular mangas, light novel series, or video games serve as their main source of income. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan, just in case.

Hence, given that viewpoint, the studio might not pick up Tokyo Ravens Season 2 very soon. Nonetheless, in line with the current craze, Netflix has chosen to carry a number of these anime shows. The industry leader in streaming enables programs to reach a larger audience and relies less on its source material than in the past. So, Eight Bit may only decide to renew the sequel if the streamer expresses interest in its works. We can only wait for the formal announcement till then.

Can Fans Save The Anime?

Can Fans Save The Anime

Fans today have a lot more influence than they had in the past on the future of a show. Studios and production firms have started to take notice of the requests made in online petitions and social media posts. So, there is a probability that a producer will take note if there is a sufficient demand for the renewal of a series. The same is true in Season 2 of Tokyo Ravens. Fans can thus prevent the cancellation of the beloved anime, even though it could take some time.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 – Renewed Or Cancelled?

While the first season was highly received, fans have been curious as to why there hasn’t been a follow-up yet. Several anime series are based on already published source materials. As a result, having enough source material accessible is essential for a new season of anime.

Let’s go right to the point: Tokyo Ravens Season 2 probably won’t air. This has several justifications. True, there has been no formal announcement on the show’s demise, but everyone has been waiting for 8 years. Also, there hasn’t been any formal word on the show’s renewal. Compared to the previous season, there is a lot less information available concerning the production of Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

The Tokyo Ravens light novel has not been updated in the past seven years. The Tokyo Ravens anime adaption did not make any money, if anything, it lost money. As a result, most anime programs abruptly end without notice or justification, leaving viewers to wait. Although we don’t anticipate the program to have a great second season, we’ll let everyone know if we find out anything new.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Release Date

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date

The anime has not yet been renewed by Studio Eight Bit or any other studio involved in its creation for a second season. Nonetheless, there is still hope for its comeback. The production procedure could just take a year to complete if the go-ahead is given sooner. So, given the current situation, the new episodes could not air until mid- to late-2022. As the studio makes the official release date known, we will update this post.

Did you like the first season of Tokyo Ravens? What do you anticipate from Season 2 of Tokyo Ravens? Let us know in the comments section.

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