Beyond PowerPoint: Presentation Tools for Small Businesses

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Written By Obaid Ur Rehman

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Company presentations are become all too common due to the widespread use of PowerPoint. With dull slides filled with bullet points, it might be challenging to capture and retain your audience’s attention. There is a tone of alternative presenting options available that may help you interact with your audience and convey important information, so although it could be useful in some circumstances,

While it is possible to produce presentations using standard tools like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote, you may break the typical approach—basic points on simple slides—by using graphics, generating movement, and keeping each slide or segment to just a few crucial points.

It could be time to try one of these options if you want to change things up and engage your audience in a fresh and interesting way.

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You may build extremely visual presentations with Visme, a cloud-based presentation tool, to captivate viewers and convey your thoughts. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop presentation design capability. Consistency in brand messaging and corporate image storage are also top priorities in the business version. You or your staff members will use brand-consistent colours, logos, and pictures while creating presentations. This encourages your staff to be consistent in their presentations. Additionally, Visme features a built-in analytics system that allows you to see who has watched and completed your presentation.

Plans from $20 per user per month to $60 for three users per month are available from Visme. You may also request a free live demo to see the technology in action before using it.

2.Haiku Deck

The platform Haiku Deck places a high value on simplicity. Owners of businesses may design simple, attractive presentations using high-quality photographs. With fewer slides and less text, it is possible to engage audiences rather than lose them to information overload. The picture library and variety of fonts in Haiku Deck set it apart from other presentation tools. It makes it simple to create effective presentations that work on any device.

Three different options are available from $7.99 to $29.99 per month with Haiku Deck.


Pitcherific serves as both a presentation solution and a tool for creating and refining presentations. It’s a tool that uses templates to walk you through making presentations. Pitcherific pushes you to write down the sections of each section of your speech rather to simply composing a few slides. An elevator pitch, for instance, has a framework that comprises a hook, a problem, a solution, and a conclusion. You will have direction on many different types of speeches and presentations thanks to the many templates available for various pitches and presentations. Pitcherific also suggests using a timeclock and a character counter for each part so you can keep track of how long your speech or presentation is and remain within a certain range.

Pitcherific’s cost is heavily influenced by your company’s demands, so you’ll need to get in touch with its sales staff to obtain an exact estimate. Pitcherific does have a free trial if you’re interested in seeing how the platform functions.


For a variety of publications linked to business, such as resumes, newsletters, business cards, media kits, brochures, and infographics, Canva is an online platform that offers templates. It may be used to create presentations as well. You may upload your own photos or select from more than 1 million Canva stock images. There are hundreds of design styles and templates to get you started. You may edit text and fonts, apply filters to photographs, and drag and drop other design components as you construct your presentation. Your business’s logo may also be uploaded and saved.

A free version with all of Canva’s functionality is available. This is a wonderful choice if you’re a startup or extremely tiny business owner. Canva for Work offers team management options for bigger enterprises for $12.95 per month (or $9.95 per month if you pay annually). This version is available for 30 days of free use.


To help with the creation of business presentations, SlideCamp offers slide templates. With SlideCamp, you can choose colour schemes, add brand logos, import graphs and data, create infographics, and section-allocate presentations. This is a fantastic way to keep your organization’s presentations consistent across various ones. Employees will be able to create excellent presentations quickly and effortlessly using predesigned slides after you’ve put up branding specifics. This may not be the best option for you if you’re a startup or one-person firm because it’s designed for larger companies.

Several subscriptions are offered, ranging in price from $49 to $499 per month depending on how many people will access SlideCamp. You may test out the service to determine whether it’s appropriate for your company using the demo version that is also available.

6.Microsoft Events

Microsoft offers various tools that can add a new degree of practicality to the typical presentation, even if PowerPoint may occasionally be a stale approach to manage a corporate presentation. Microsoft 365 now has the capability to create live and on-demand events. Remote coworkers, as well as employees who were present at the meeting but wish to go back to what was said, can see these events either in real time or on demand. A speaker timeline, speech-to-text transcriptions and time coding, and closed captioning are all produced using HD video and machine learning.

The subscription tiers for Office 365 includes live events. If you already have a subscription, using this tool won’t cost you any more money.


Powtoon is an animated presentation and video creation tool that you can use to make quick presentations and films about your company or product. Powtoon is a cost-effective tool for making animated movies and presentations to inform customers and clients about your business. Explainer videos are a crucial component of a brand’s messaging. You can quickly modify presentations and videos, add narration, and give your consumers a polished experience.

Powtoon has a free version available, but more advanced options are available for $19 and $59 each month.


Small companies may adapt their presentations using VideoScribe, a platform for whiteboard video presentations. These movies are perfect for short explainers and marketing videos for your company or product since they include a whiteboard and a hand that “draws” various items and slides in the presentation. The platform of VideoScribe makes it simple to arrange items, enter text, and even design your own objects or text.

For either $29 per user per month or $12 per user per month if paid annually, VideoScribe is offered. Depending on the number of users, it will cost between $110 and $130 per user to expand VideoScribe to a bigger team. For a single user, you may also make a one-time payment of $665.


You may also use Prezi, another template-based presentation tool, to make persuading and captivating presentations with distinctive movement between “slides” and essential points. Prezi creates a map of your whole presentation along a general path that you select. When you switch slides, it doesn’t just go on to the next one; instead, it guides the viewer down the track to the necessary point. Your audience will be able to follow the development of your presentation thanks to this. To allow your audience to see your full presentation strategy, you may organize material into several categories and build an overview. This technique maintains the presentation’s organization and your audience’s interest. Additionally, you may easily move through your presentation because your track is not fixed and you can change when you address which topics as you speak.

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