Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022

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The top standing desks on the market today can lessen or perhaps stop a sedentary lifestyle. It is impossible to overstate the advantages they provide to those of us who work all day in front of computers.

We are not intended to idle away the day. According to the American Journal of Public Health(opens in new tab), spending more than 8 hours a day sitting down increases risk of chronic illnesses by 10% to 20% and also increases chance of early mortality. It might also reduce your metabolism, which could affect “the body’s capacity to control blood sugar, blood pressure, and burn down body fat,” the UK’s NHS notes(opens in new tab).

A standing desk is a terrific purchase because, regrettably, the majority of us spend most of our working hours slouched at an office desk (opens in new tab). Even returning students should think about using one as a healthy alternative to doing their schoolwork.

We’ve compiled the top standing desks on the market here to assist you in making the switch to a healthier work life, many of which we’ve personally tried and tested. Our buying advice below should assist you in locating the finest standing desk for your requirements and price range, whether you’re looking for a desk for gaming (opens in new tab), a less expensive option, or something with a more upscale appearance and feel.

Additionally, as you transition to a healthy lifestyle, think about the finest office chairs and under-desk treadmills, and review our guide on everything else you need to set up your home office (opens in new tab).

2022’s top standing desks

1.Flexispot E7 (updated)
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-2


Type: Motorized Height range: 22.8-inches to 48.4-inchesDesktop size: 47.2-inches x 23.6-inches up to 82.6-inches x 31.4-inches

Today’s best FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk deals


  • +Build quality
  • +Overall functionality of desk
  • +Motorized legs
  • +integrated wireless charger


  • -Can’t move the integrated wireless charger

For this amazing curving workplace, the FlexiSpot E7(opens in new tab) is a premium height-adjustable standing desk that is priced competitively.

The desk is 140x71cm (55x28in) overall, with a bamboo top, and a built-in wireless charger on the left side.

The anti-collision technology performs as intended, protecting your desk and the objects around. Although the E7’s motor is rather strong and a little noisy, we’ve encountered laptop fans that were far noisier. This workstation can confidently and safely raise up to 161 kg in total (355lbs).

The integrated cable management and expansion options are a really great improvement over this desk’s previous design, the E7b.

Overall, it goes above and beyond what we would anticipate from a standing desk. Just keep in mind that a nice office chair is also essential if you want to work in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

2.Uplift V2
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-3


Type: Motorized Height range: 25.5-inches – 51.1-inches (Commercial version: 22.6-inches – 48.7-inches) Desktop size: 42-inches x 30-inches up to 80-inches x 30-inches


  • +excellent build quality
  • +Smooth and quiet motors
  • +many size and color choices
  • +Lots of mounting points for accessories


  • -Expensive international shipping

One of the greatest standing desks, Uplift V2 (opens in new tab), is known for its stability and excellent build quality. Some standing desks have the potential to be a little unsteady, particularly when extended to greater heights. However, uplift is quite steady due to internal stability bracing.

Dual motors enable the desk to adjust its height fast, quietly, and smoothly. Anti-collision technology is also included (meaning if the desk is lowering and hits something – like your seat, or heaven forbid your head – it stops).

The desk also has several mounting places for attachments, like an under-desk hammock, making it possible to connect some really cool additions to it (yes you read that right – it attaches underneath when the desk is fully raised up). Being able to sleep in a hammock underneath it is the best evidence you could ever need of the stability of this structure!

There are many options for desktop sizes, colors, and even frame colors. Additionally, there are versions with curved or corner desks and built-in cable management. Additionally, the goods are covered by a strong seven-year warranty.

The Uplift may be ordered for shipping outside of the US and comes in basic and commercial standing desk models (the latter offers considerably more stability owing to a crossbar). However, because it will be shipped as “palletized freight” and may be pricey, the manufacturer advises merely buying the Uplift frame and sourcing your own local desktop for it.

3.FlexiSpot E8
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-4


  • +Empty List


  • -Empty List

The FlexiSpot E8(opens in new tab) is a very decent height adjustable standing desk and one that comes with a competitive price tag for this impressive curved workspace.

The model tested had a curved bamboo desktop that measured 76x183cm (30x72in).

The motorized legs can lift 125kg (275lbs) and span 59.9cm – 125cm (23.6in – 49.2in).

This desk had an impressively effective and potent mix of capabilities thanks to the integrated cable management, increased cable management, additional drawer, and premium keypad.

4.Vari Electric Standing Desk
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-5


Type: Motorized Height range: 25-inches – 50.5-inchesDesktop size: 48-72-inches x 30-inches


  • +Intuitive assembly process
  • +Multiple finishes and sizes available
  • +Excellent cable management features
  • +Supports up to 200lb (90.7 kg)


  • -Cable Management Tray costs extra


To fit the demands of your home office, Vari’s Electric Standing Desk (opens in new tab) is offered in three different widths (48 in., 60 in., and 72 in.) and can be set up quickly with the two Allen wrenches provided. The desk has two motorized t-style legs that allow it to be raised or lowered to a maximum height of 50.5in (128cm) (63.5cm).

Vari’s Electric Standing Desk is offered in five distinct finishes in addition to three different widths (black, white, dark wood, butcher block and reclaimed wood). The desk is a great option for heavy workstation PCs and power users with several monitors because it can handle up to 200lb (90.7kg).

We were most struck with the amount of attention Vari put into assembling its workstation, though. Only the legs need to be assembled by the buyer; the desk’s frame is already attached. The wires for both motors and the keypad at the front of the desk plug into a control panel that is located in the centre of the frame. A power strip and even a sizable power adaptor for a business monitor may be stored in the optional Cable Management Tray from Vari, which connects to the desk’s back with ease.

There are four memory settings for the keypad that allow you to quickly and easily store your preferred sitting and standing heights. We were even able to lower and raise the desk without spilling a whole cup of coffee because the desk is rather quiet while changing heights. Additionally, Vari provides free delivery within the 48 contiguous states and 30-day risk-free returns.

5.ApexDesk Elite
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-6


Type: Motorized Height range: 29-inches – 48-inchesDesktop size: 60-71-inches x 33-inches


  • +High-quality build
  • +Large desktop surface area
  • +Competitive pricing
  • +Lifting capacity of 100kg
  • +Grommets make it easy to run cables


  • -Slow lifting mechanism

Need a large workstation to fit all of your equipment, such as many monitors or other accessories? The Apex Desk Elite (opens in new tab) is an excellent option if you’re looking for another fine workstation that offers plenty of desktop space. An added advantage is that it’s reasonably priced considering all you receive.

The Elite comes in two sizes, a 60-inch and a 71-inch version. However, if you want the biggest desk space possible, choose the latter model because it also has a depth of 33 inches, which is greater than others (it is a few inches deeper than the Uplift, for example).

It is a beautifully constructed standing desk with a dual-motor lifting system that has a smooth, albeit rather sluggish, lifting mechanism (and a controller with the ability to set four preset heights). The lifting capability of this desk is little over 100 kg, so you can place lots of heavy pieces of equipment on top of it. The middle beam of the Elite’s sturdy construction increases stability (without having to have a crossbar underneath).

If you browse about, you can also find some very good discounts on these desks, and if you choose Apex Desk, you’ll probably get a lot of desk for your money.

6.Fully Jarvis Bamboo
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-7


Type: Motorized Height range: 26.5-inches – 45.75-inches (mid-range frame) Desktop size: 30-inches x 27-inches up to 78-inches x 30-inches


  • +Made from sustainable bamboo
  • +Support weight of up to 150kg
  • +Full extension for people up to 6’7″
  • +Programmable handset


  • -High-end pricing

The Jarvis Bamboo (opens in new tab), which is made of bamboo as the name implies, is another of the finest standing desks. It is ecologically friendly since the bamboo is farmed responsibly (without pesticides), and it also has a durable polyurethane coating.

That is covered by a frame that can handle over 150 kg and has a full extension appropriate for people up to 6 feet 7 inches tall. It is a strong desk that adjusts using a basic up/down control panel or an updated programmable handset and glides into position extremely smoothly (and silently) (which you can use to set different heights into the memory).

The Jarvis is available in a corner-compatible L-shaped form as well as the more common rectangular desk design with a concave front. With this standing desk, you may also choose from a variety of useful features, such as desk lighting, drawers, a desk shelf for your monitor, or, if you want to go really fancy, a monitor arm that is actuated by gas.

It’s more of a work of art in terms of design and eco-friendliness than a standing desk, but like the other higher-end items here, it isn’t cheap.

7.Branch Standing Desk
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-8


Type: Motorized Height range: 25-inches – 52-inchesDesktop size: 48-inches x 30-inches


  • +Tallest extension level
  • +Stain and impact-resistant desk surface
  • +Easy to assemble


  • -4-6 day delivery

The Branch Standing Desk (opens in new tab), which is a functional piece of furniture in many aspects, has a lot going for it. For one thing, it raises to the highest level of the desks in our comparison, and as Branch notes, this standing desk gives folks up to 6-foot-8-inches of height a secure work area.

The melamine desk surface is stain and impact resistant, so spills and other mishaps should not damage it. Additionally, the desk’s twin motor lifting motion is very smooth, and a three-stage column system provides stability even at the highest elevations that this desk is capable of reaching (adjustable feet help achieve this goal as well).

You receive four memory presets for the various heights that are most frequently required, along with wire management features. In-desk power outlets (and USB connections) are important optional features, and the Branch Standing Desk is very simple to assemble.

There are two variations: the Team Plus model and an Executive desk that is broader and the same depth (60-inches rather than 48-inches). You could be persuaded to buy this piece of office furniture given its reasonable asking price and 10-year warranty.

8.Flomotion Standing Desk
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-9


Type: Motorized Height range: 24.8-inches – 50.4-inchesDesktop size: 47-inches x 31.5-inches up to 71-inches x 31.5-inches (custom sizes available)


  • +Free trial options
  • +Quiet and robust
  • +Great customer support


  • -Free trial limitations

Are you on the fence about getting a standing desk? Do you think that trying one out before you buy could be a good idea? Flomoton(opens in new tab) makes this possible for customers based in the UK, and offers an impressive level of customer service going by online feedback on the firm.

All of this would be irrelevant if the standing desks Flomoton produces were subpar, but fortunately, they are. For its handcrafted and locally produced desktops, Flomotion provides a broad range of wood varieties. It has just debuted a high-quality sit/stand desk frame (called Skyflo; you can buy the frame only, if you wish).

When moving up or down with two motors, the Skyflo frame is adequately quiet and has a lift capability of 120 kg. Additionally, it features anti-collision detection, a smart control panel with Bluetooth connectivity, and an app to regulate the height (plus various memory positions can be set). In conclusion, it is a really clever desk frame.

One of the main draws here, as previously indicated, is the opportunity to test out a workstation for free if you reside within 30 miles of Norwich (and that includes free delivery and setup). Those who live outside of the UK can still receive a two-week trial, but they will need to assemble the desk themselves and pay a collection fee (£60 or £40 for a frame-only) if the product has to be returned to the manufacturer. The reviews we’ve seen indicate that the customer service is excellent.

Due to the problem with Covid-19, the trial option has been halted as of the time of writing; however, when things return to normal, perhaps the trial will as well.

FlexiSpot (a firm with a few items elsewhere on this list) is presently offering risk-free standing desk trials for businesses, so anyone in the US searching for one can visit their website (opens in new tab). (And if the trial component is what you’re most interested in, you may now use FlexiSpot’s 30-day money-back guarantee (opens in new tab) in place of Flomotion in the UK.)

9.Ergotron WorkFit-D
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-10


Type: Manual Height range: 30.6-inches – 50.6-inchesDesktop size: 47.6-inches x 23.5-inches


  • +Effortless lift
  • +Easy to adjust from sitting to standing
  • +Brake stop screws
  • +5 year warranty


  • -Visible brake cables
  • -No cable management tray

A manual standing desk can be a better option if your workspace doesn’t have many power outlets or you just want to reduce cord clutter. A single lever to raise or lower the desk is located on the right underside of the Ergotron WorkFit-D(opens in new tab). This desk can really be raised or lowered more quickly than many electric standing workstations because of its brake cable arrangement.

A smooth laminate surface and either a walnut or birch desktop are options for the Ergotron WorkFit-D. The black border of the tabletop helps it blend in with the desk’s legs and feet.

Although the desk can support up to 165lbs (74.8kg), Ergotron advises against going beyond 65lbs (29.5kg) so that it can be lifted and lowered effortlessly. Additionally, each leg has two compartments with a bolt on the backside that may be adjusted based on the weight of the equipment set on the desk.

The Ergotron WorkFit-D differs from other manual standing desks by employing a proprietary mechanical lift mechanism rather than a crank to raise or lower the desk, which is another way it stands apart from the competition.

The Ergotron WorkFit-D can be the ideal option for you if you don’t want to add any additional cables to your office and are searching for a quick and easy method to stay active during your date.

10.Allcam ED20
Best standing desk for home office and WFH 2022-11


Type: Motorized Height range: 28.3-inches – 47.6-inchesDesktop size: 47.2-inches x 23.6-inhes


  • +Compact design
  • +Anti-collision system and child-proof lock
  • +Integrated storage drawer and USB charging ports
  • +Glass top is available upon request


  • -Only one configuration available

A single click may raise the Allcam ED20 electric sit-stand desk from the sitting position to the standing position. The desktop’s dimensions of 47.2 by 23.6 inches make it ideal for workplaces or smaller apartments. The desk has crossbeams for further stability and L-style legs.

The Allcam ED20’s built-in storage drawer and USB charging outlets set it distinct from comparable electric standing workstations. You can store crucial documents, flash drives, and other office supplies close at hand thanks to the drawer that is integrated directly into the desktop. There are two Type-A USB ports and one USB-C port among the three fast-charging USB ports (5V, 2.4A) that are directly next to the Allcam ED20’s control panel.

You can modify the desk’s height between 28.3 inches and 47.6 inches thanks to its four memory presets, and its sturdy steel structure can handle up to 110 lbs (50kg). There is a minimum purchase number for the glass top that Allcam sells, however it is available for individuals who want a better desktop.

Given that many individuals who work from home also have children, Allcam designed its desk with a very sophisticated anti-collision detection technology that makes use of a gyroscope. Any variation from perfectly levelness can be detected by the gyroscope since this signals collision with an object in its path. However, there is a child-proof lock that can be turned on or off with just one click as well.


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