Before Hiring SF limo Service Ask These Five Questions

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Written By Albert Roy

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You can travel in style and enjoy your special occasions by hiring a San Francisco Car Service. The comfort and class of a limousine make it ideal for any purpose. Limo companies are not all alike, and not all rides are created equal. It’s difficult to find the perfect riding partner for your special occasion when deciding on the perfect limo company. In order to confirm your perfect choice of Limo service, we have compiled five questions that you can ask us.

What kind of cars and seating capacities are available?

The type of car you choose depends on the occasion and the number of seats you need. You can hire a small, comfortable car such as a sedan if you want to make your journey more private. This vehicle is also suitable for business meetings or corporate transportation.

SUVs or sprinters are ideal for accommodating large wedding parties or pre-wedding parties. This vehicle can accommodate up to six passengers.

You can also book stretch limousines for groups of 10 to 20 passengers for travel with friends and family. Furthermore, 55 passengers can be accommodated in some vehicles. In general, limo companies with a large fleet of vehicles offer better service since you can choose according to your needs.

Do they have a safe and well-trained chauffeur?

Your travel experience is determined by the driver of your vehicle. Chauffeurs who are well-trained make the best limo company. The chauffeur must be drug-tested and have a clean driving record. In order for you to travel safely, your children must be immunized against COVID-19. It is important for a professional chauffeur to focus solely on driving and not to interfere with your private matters. Furthermore, they should be able to assist you with your luggage and ensure that you are comfortable during your trip. 

What kinds of packages are available?

Lastly, make sure to take into consideration whether the company offers packages for events such as weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, occasional games, and concerts. Packages are usually cheaper and more appropriate for accommodating all your travel needs. It is important to choose a San Francisco Blog company that is supportive of providing you with the best discount on the price.  

Is the route to be finalized before hourly and per-day charges are calculated?

A limousine rental company’s hourly and daily rates are considerably different, so hiring one for one day is cheaper than renting one for a specific time block. It would be best if you confirmed the payment and then calculated which option would be best for you. Depending on the route you take, you will also be charged differently. A predetermined route is needed in this case in order to save money. Limousine services that prioritize taking you to your destination on time are better than those focusing solely on charges.

What are the hidden costs and extra charges?

Finally, the Limo Company should be very transparent about their charges and should not have any hidden fees. Your booking should include all details that you have predetermined and are aware of. You should confirm the level of facilities that they provide if you’re looking for additional services such as beverages, refreshments, and a bar to ensure that you have a stress-free and relaxing ride.

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