Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Classroom

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Technology is a part of daily life and has become a foundational component in many areas, including school. In terms of classroom technology use can be both beneficial and problematic for students. However, technology unlocks innovation opportunities and blended learning, which also comes with disadvantages too. Debate is still on regarding harm from technology in the classroom. Let us discuss both for you.

Advantages of technology in the classroom

Nowadays, offering digital tools and learning platforms owing to technology is a great advantage in the top CBSE schools in Pune. Students have more detailed information in their hands and also build excellent technology skills. It makes many tasks easy, like data collecting, self-learning, etc. some advantages of technology are:

  1. Excitement for students

Using technology in the best CBSE schools in Pune excites students while studying because, as toddlers, the children have never encountered technology of this kind. Students always use laptops, mobile and other devices for fun and not for study. The technology used in classrooms helps to harness attention and excitement and refresh traditional and old learning experiences.

  1. Prepare students for the future.

Use of technology help students to get well prepared for the future as now the world is now reliant on it. Everyone needs to understand common technological devices. The use of these technologies in the classroom help students to prepare well to succeed in primary and secondary education. It is never too late for young children to start building strong skills and knowledge. Exposure to technology at the first stage of life is the best way to begin a foundation for success.

  1. Spontaneous learning

Access to technology in classrooms of CBSE schools in Wagholi Pune can help children learn to investigate topics that they find interesting. For older generations, information was not easily available as they had to use traditional methods to search. But now is when children have access to all information at their fingertips, and thanks to technology for that. It offers children an outlet to research the topics they want.


Disadvantages of technology

There are many disadvantages of technology in the classroom for children, as using technology without sufficient care can offer poorer learning outcomes and can cause students to miss social interaction. Some disadvantages of technology in classrooms are:

  1. Fast but less memorable learning

Technology is known as the fastest way to learn as they function faster than the learning speed of human minds. Using cognitive thoughts is best because it takes time, and this is the reason why experts advise modifying media use to present media at a slow speed to allow more rumination and contemplation.

  1. It can be distracting.

Technology use in classrooms through laptops and tablet can become a source of distraction to students. It is true if the software prevents access to apps not associated with lessons, quizzes, and many other educational activities. There are some students who try to use technology for fun instead of for their intended purpose.

  1. Less social interaction

using technology allow students to have less verbal communication and interaction with teachers. If technology is used in classrooms, teachers must ensure activities like oral presentations, recitations, and group work to happen regularly. Teachers also keep a check on students who must spend less time using technology in any way.


There are undoubtedly many challenges we come across when we adopt technology in education, but the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages of technology in the classroom. Lexicon Kids, one of the best CBSE schools in Wagholi Pune, believes in a balanced approach to education. The school believes in fun but informative, technological but hands-on, and modern but traditional. It is conveyed among the best CBSE schools in Pune that strike the perfect balance and offer dedicated ad professional educators that help children with cognitive, social, and emotional development. Parents who want their children to learn in a safe and nurturing environment must enroll in Lexicon kids, one the best schools for their children to begin their life.

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