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The page has turned on 2022, and a brand-new year has arrived with all the opportunities and possibilities that go along with it. It’s the ideal opportunity to create your strategies for new message objectives, sales objectives, and more.

With a new year comes fresh ideas for brochures. It’s time to think carefully about how you want to represent your business, whether you’ve been publishing the same old brochure for months (or years! ), or you haven’t distributed one in a very long time. Brochures, as you are aware, function similarly to websites in that they provide key details about your business at a glance. in several ways. they are more successful than websites because of their aesthetic appeal, tactile feel, “in-the-moment” quality, and cost, especially in today’s screen-weary and impatient society.


You may surround your consumer with several contact points at various times when using brochures as part of an extensive print-based campaign (or in conjunction with digital media), which will truly make your message come to life.

But don’t just believe what we say. Because more consumers want actual interactions with brands rather than just seeing them on a computer, several studies identify brochures as a “secret weapon” in the marketing armory. According to Bentley University, 61% of individuals make purchases after seeing items in brochures, 85% of people who read brochures genuinely learn about new firms, and 79% of visitors prefer to pick up brochures. Brochures are effective.


The excellent news is that updating your brand’s image using brochures is simple and economical. You need to grab your prospect’s attention straight immediately, just like you would with any other kind of communication, and captivating design is how you achieve that. So, other than putting it in the front rack, how can you make a brochure stand out from the crowd? By using the design components described below to modernize your message, you can create a brochure that is guaranteed to be well-received.


Make sure your brand is clear in your brochure because it is a component of a multi-point communications strategy. Be constant, you dumb thing! Sticking to a design and voice that will jump off your website, mirror the culture of your workforce, imitate your storefront, and land directly on the brochure pages is the best way to do this.

On the design side, Ensure that the layouts, fonts, and colors follow the guidelines for your brand. Make sure they have the same appearance and texture as your other materials. Keep it simple by using no more than three typefaces, and make sure your picture is high-resolution and consistent with your style.

On the writing side, Ensure that the tone of your writing matches that of the rest of your resources. It must communicate to your clients in their native tongue, whether that language is warm and friendly, funny and entertaining, or technical yet approachable. Write appealing, succinct copy. The reader will find it simpler to understand and put the information into action the more concise it is. Wit is brevity’s soul, and so is effective marketing.


You are the expert on your customers. Which method do they prefer for receiving information? Would they want a lot of images and photos to break up the text groups? People are drawn to images, and they read less and less these days, so this is always a wise tactic.


Your chances of connecting with your customer are higher if you break up your content and use intriguing headers to make it skimmable, even if many of us don’t take the time to read the copy in its entirety (see above). Readers typically find a ratio of around half text to half images to be extremely appealing. You may use a link or QR code to direct visitors to your website so that you can convey more information.


Use color blocks to highlight text in your brochure to give it a striking appearance. Use charts as necessary. It will be more expert and believable if it has a range of components that are all united by the same color scheme. Keep in mind to adopt a balance that delivers the tale without confusing it and to keep the design simple.


A brochure can be folded in at least fifteen different ways (and much more if you make it into origami), which may surprise you. The content dictates the folds, therefore your budget, messaging, and layout will determine whether you utilize a gatefold, Z fold, tri-fold, or roll fold. Tri-folds are popular because they are well-known and offer lots of space for text and images. An eight-panel roll, however, would be a preferable choice for a message with a lengthier structure. For these brochures to fit on the rack, you will also need to consider how you will display them. A brochure that folds into a common postal size is necessary if you’re distributing them directly to prospects to reduce shipping expenses.


The way a brochure feels is just as important as what it says. Make a thorough selection of your paper and determine if you want a glossy, matte, or other unique finish. Take into account that thicker stock with glossy or matte finishes is seen as “higher end.” Additionally, applying coatings will lessen scratches and smearing, resulting in higher-quality, longer-lasting material.


The brochure’s ultimate objective is to strengthen your brand and produce leads. Therefore, don’t forget to include your phone number and other contact details in a visible location. A crystal clear motivator should then be used to emphasize your call-to-action (CTA) such as “Call us for a free proposal,” “Find retailers on our site,” “Get a discount when you buy two or more,” etc. All of them are strategies for inspiring prompt action. And they function!


Freshness and creativity draw attention and increase sales, just as in any effective advertising. Better still if you can produce a work that coherently conveys your message while also doing it in a novel manner. When something stands out or feels unusual, our brains search for the unique and we remember it. You’ll be more likely to compel your consumer to take action when you provide a distinctive customer experience.

You may make a brochure that ushers in the new year by bringing in some new business by following these easy steps. Uncertain about where to begin? Let Ironmark’s print specialists assist you in embracing the future in 2023!

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