5 Marketing Agencies That Are Killing the Social Media Game

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Written By Muhammad Usman

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What was once a secret society for teens has grown into a global phenomenon where people tweet instead of chatting, pin instead of making collages out of old magazine pages, and Instagram and Facebook have strangely become verbs.

Nearly 90% of marketers say they feel social media has given their companies more visibility, according to a Social Media Examiner continuing poll. Around 78% mention rising website traffic as well. Since 2014, these numbers have essentially not changed. The following outcomes that your agency may attain with a strong social media presence include:

  • gaining new clients that you would not have otherwise come across
  • building a brand’s reputation at little to no additional expense
  • Increasing follower engagements will help your organization better understand customer wants.
  • improving the internet reputation of your company

To compete with established companies, social media expertise is crucial if you own a social media marketing company. Here are a few examples of firms that are crushing it if you want to be the greatest social media marketing agency or even if you simply want some advice for your plan.

1. Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising is a genuine master of the social game, in addition to assisting its clients in social media marketing success. Disruptive has thousands of followers on social media and a rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 on Facebook thanks to its regular postings that highlight not only its blog but also helpful content and infrequently amusing portions. It’s a good idea to start with a company’s platforms if you want to copy its social media success.

2. Elevated

The Elevated crew enjoys itself if you look at their social media accounts. With a motto of “100% transparency + 0% BS,” the company’s professionals get outcomes without the double-speak and buzzword-heavy approach used by some other digital marketing firms. The firm goes out of its way to help prospective customers get to know its staff and get a sense of the company culture as a whole before making the initial contact, as you can see from looking at its social media feeds. This guarantees a stronger connection with customers, which should lead to lasting commercial partnerships and ongoing success for the expanding firm.

3. The Creative Momentum

The Creative Momentum is the ideal illustration of how to maintain a sizable social media presence and use it to generate results thanks to its social media presence across six distinct platforms. The business may share its blog pieces on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and it can also offer interesting visual material on YouTube and Pinterest. They even prominently display these platforms in the center of their website, encouraging users to interact with them there. With more than 8,000 followers on Facebook alone, it is obvious that the firm is having success with this strategy.

4. Sachs Marketing Group

Sachs Marketing Group is another company that emphasizes the importance of its social media presence. Sachs is a pioneer in SEO and digital marketing and the recipient of multiple accolades. The business has simple access to its social media accounts at the very top of its website. The company is engaged on several social media networks. It strikes a mix between its serious and lighthearted sides on social media, allowing users to see exactly how informed its subject matter specialists are while still making its material interesting. It might be challenging to find this balance, but Sachs accomplishes it flawlessly.

5. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility’s social media presence appears to be quite clear and expert at first sight. You’ll notice a lot of blog connections and hyperlinks to educational information that are beneficial to both clients and experts in digital marketing. But as you go through the blogs, you’ll get a few glimpses of the individuals that make up the team. Visitors may get a glimpse of the people behind the shown creativity by viewing glimpses of training sessions, planning gatherings, and even spontaneous moments of silliness like testing out bean bag chairs on the company’s social media pages.

Mastering Social Media

Of all, these businesses only offer illustrations of effective social media usage. It makes sense that some of them can do what they teach and maintain an orderly social media operation because some of them specialize in social media marketing for customers.

You don’t have to imitate any of these businesses in particular if you want your agency to succeed on social media; instead, consider how their social media presence represents the principles and character of their agencies. Examine what they are doing well and what attracts the greatest interest. Apply those skills to the social media activities of your own business, making the experience and voice entirely your own.

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