5 Best Play Schools For Kids In Kurla West Mumbai

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Parents’ most significant assets are their children. Whether it’s a soft toy, a garment, or the most outstanding School for education, every parent wants the best for their child. Every child’s journey into learning begins at play school, which is why it is crucial to laying the groundwork for children’s future success. Choosing the best play schools for your child in India can be challenging because there are so many. When selecting the ideal setting for your child to begin their academic career, it is usually preferable for a responsible parent to avoid any rushed decisions or compromises.

Here are some of the eminent play schools to give your child the best care:

●       Smart kids pre-primary School

It aids in creating a solid foundation for children. Additionally, they are excellent at phonics, which is now an increasingly important skill for children. They have done fantastic work over the previous few years and are currently going strong, updating their teaching methodology and facilities. The best kids’ School is this one.

This Playgroups in Mumbai are a perfect setting for kids to learn while interacting with other kids. A playgroup is often a structured gathering of preschoolers to promote learning through enjoyable and creative activities.

●       Kohinoor Blossoms School

A premium educational program from the Kohinoor Group, which has been involved in the education industry since 1961, is called Kohinoor Blossoms. It is committed to shaping the future generation while catering to the brightest brains. It is situated in the center of the central suburbs and has excellent access to the western suburbs because of its proximity to the Santacruz-Chembur Link Road. Kohinoor Blossoms is dedicated to giving young students a top-notch education and is equipped with modern infrastructure, a sizable indoor play space, and a sizable synthetic turf field.

The heart and soul of Kohinoor Blossoms are qualified and experienced teachers who have a love for learning and a dedication to excellence. In addition to providing academic knowledge, teachers work hard to offer a variety of signs. This is the best Play School, which can give your child a bright future.

●       Kids Planet Play School

A great school is Kids Planet. This would be the location if you were the parent who performed an extensive study to find their child in the most outstanding School. In this place, your kids could receive the best academic education appropriate for their age, be in a beautiful, loving environment, and be given home-cooked, nutritious cuisine. The only thing that surprises you are the parents who discovered such a fantastic school but are not concerned enough to care for their child when they fall ill at home! Yes, the schools handle all of your work for you. This is an excellent school for your kids to learn many things.

●       Star Kids School

Children must learn English if they are to develop correctly. Mumbai has a large number of English-medium schools that provide high-quality instruction.

You need to look no further than Star Kids in Mumbai’s Kurla West neighborhood if you’re seeking a decent school that can prepare your child to be a responsible citizen. Star Kids has knowledgeable academics who can give your child an excellent education. They will train your child with great care and love because only love can nourish this little flower.

●       Garden Nursery and pre-primary School

The administration and teaching personnel of Garden Nursery are both excellent. They make learning enjoyable, and kids enjoy School in general. Contrary to other schools where education is treated as a business, this School truly adheres to the fundamentals of making learning joyful, in addition to having a large open area with plenty of play areas.

Garden Nursery School offers high-quality care and education in an environment of unwavering love and support.


Your child has the fundamental right to an education. A parent’s primary duty is to ensure their children receive the best education possible. The most crucial choice you must make as a parent is picking a good school. Before choosing a school, you should also check the criteria for eligibility for admission. Because your child’s future is influenced mainly by the School they attend, this is true.

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