5 Best Career Options for BA LLB Degree Holders

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The course includes legal processes, theories, good corporate governance practices, and international law. In India, there are several employment choices available following an LLB.

Graduates of BA LLB programs can join the government’s legislative, executive, or judicial branches. Perhaps the LLB opens the door to many opportunities that other career options cannot claim. Many law colleges in Bangalore for BA LLB provide the best education for students.

Top career option after BA LLB

  1. Advocate –

One of the professional alternatives after earning a BA LLB  degree is advocacy. Students who choose this route have access to courts for practice. It should be noted that candidates must first pass the All India Bar Council test before they may start practicing.

Once they become All India Bar Council members, they can practice law in any national court. Every candidate for the position of advocate must first get experience working as a junior assistant to a senior advocate. To achieve this, you must prepare documents and research relevant statutes and court decisions.

This gives them a unique viewpoint on the law. Therefore, they would be prepared to practice law independently after being familiar with the many facets of the law.

  1. Judiciary-

Judiciary students can serve as judges or magistrates for the nation’s judicial system. To do this, they must succeed in the Public Service Commission’s judicial examination.

The most recent hires by the Public Service Commission or under the direction of the High Court fill the lowest position of the Magistrate, Subjudge, or Munsif. The magistrate decides criminal matters, while the sub-judge chooses civil proceedings. These judges might advance their jobs and become district judges by promotion.

Based on their seniority and experience, they may advance. The initial qualification for these positions is an LLB degree from a recognized university and should have stayed within the age restriction of 35.

  1. Public Sector Services-

After earning their BA LLB, students may work in government services. They would be qualified for Indian Legal Services and its various positions if they prepared themselves. This includes legal advisors in the Department of Legal Affairs and legislative counsel in the legislation department.

The applicants must be eligible for the Public Service Commission test to be considered. Under the legislative department, a few legislative counsels are hired who speak Hindi and other regional languages.

Those who met the requirements might also enlist in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. Additionally, they are qualified to succeed in tests like HAS and IAS administered by SPSC or UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) (State Public Service Commission).

  1. Teaching-

Students with strong academic credentials who can clearly explain concepts and hold the attention of a crowd of listeners during a conversation are qualified to serve as lecturers in some of the country’s top law schools and universities.

If students pursue an LLM, they may seek further research in their chosen subject of study and obtain a Ph.D. In this way, they may also go on to become professors in both public and private universities.

  1. Legal analyst

Law graduates may work for corporations or in law firms doing legal studies of the business and its operations. To practice law in this situation, applicants must have a license.

Legal analysts can help with the drafting of various legal documents and can support lawyers. This is a fantastic option for a rewarding career after receiving your  BA LLB in financial law. Along with being a great athlete, it also calls for analytical and organizational skills.


Overall, earning an LLB is one of the first steps toward a successful career because there are many options. Be clear about what to do following LLB. Before choosing a career path, be well-informed about your options after earning your LLB.

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