3 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Connecticut

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To study effectively and advance your profession more quickly, select a top-notch real estate schools to finish your Connecticut (CT) real estate education. To assist you in doing this, we’ve ranked the top real estate programs in CT according to the cost, diversity of course formats, and learning resources. You can upgrade to a broker’s license by completing the necessary 60 hours of relicensing education, 12 hours of yearly continuing education (CE), and more with the help of these providers.

Based on our evaluation, the best online real estate courses in CT are:

  • The CE Shop: Top choice for agents wanting the most engaging self-paced education to earn or renew their CT real estate license
  • Real Estate University: Best for current agents wanting to upgrade to a real estate broker’s license
  • Freedom Trail Realty School: Ideal for aspiring agents looking to get a reciprocal real estate license in CT, Massachusetts (MA), and Rhode Island (RI) at the most affordable price

The CE Shop: Best Self-paced Relicensing Education

The CE Shop: Best Self-paced Relicensing Education
CE Shop: Best Self-paced Relicensing Education


  • Reasonable prices
  • Downloadable materials
  • interactive environment


  • limited number of course formats
  • No direct access to instructors
  • There is no Connecticut-specific exam preparation course.


  • ARLLO stands for Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.
  • Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) of Connecticut

The CE Shop’s real estate programs in CT are among the finest because of their extensive course selection and fun, interactive learning environment. All of Connecticut’s online real estate courses are self-paced and available on any device.

Its learning system, LEAP, creates visual and interactive practice problems, records your progress through the course, offers a simplified navigation menu, customizes feedback to help you prioritize topics. The CE Shop offers an online course for the Connecticut real estate license as well as a test preparation program and a range of continuing education subjects, such as “Ethics at Work” and “Document Excellence” in addition to “Technology Tools and Trends.”

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Additionally, The CE Shop Features

Customer support:

accessible every day of the week

Length of course access: 

The CE Shop courses have a 12-month validity period.

Refund policy: 

Within 30 days, get a refund for the course.

Course demo: 

Interactive course demonstration to evaluate the capabilities of the learning environment

Additional resources: 

A news and professional reference portal for agents called Agent Essentials

Real Estate University: Best for Upgrading to a Broker’s License

Video Credit: Kyle Handy


  • Live seminars both online and offline
  • Choosing private instruction
  • reasonable costs


  • limited number of course formats
  • limited policy on refunds
  • Course access is limited to four months.


  • Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) of Connecticut

Livestreamed classes are the main thing Real Estate University offers, and they happen in the morning and the evening. Students may take advantage of a flexible course schedule and a classroom experience thanks to this. Every course is instructed by a real estate expert who is able to respond to inquiries immediately. To improve your comprehension and learning, there are also in-class tests and projects.

Real Estate University is the best option to assist you improve your license if you’re a real estate agent seeking for the procedures to become a real estate broker in Connecticut. In contrast to other institutions, National Real Estate Institute (NREI) offers its salesperson and broker prelicensing classes live online or at its Norwalk campus. Despite having fewer course options, the CT real estate programs are very well regarded by its students due to the excellent real estate professors.

Additional Real Estate University Features

One-on-one tutoring option:

Get individual instruction to get access to a tutor for assistance and queries at an extra cost.

Bilingual courses: 

The sole institution that provides Spanish and English courses

Career centre:

includes a bookshop and a job board with listings for nearby positions

Exam prep: 

Two-hour live instructor-led classes for test preparation

Freedom Trail Realty School: Best for Reciprocal Licensing in Multiple States

Freedom Trail Realty School: Best for Reciprocal Licensing in Multiple States
Freedom Trail Realty School: Best Reciprocal Licensing in Multiple States


  • reasonable costs
  • Many live and self-paced course types are available.
  • tiers of course offerings


  • Refunds are only available within 14 days.
  • No available continuing education courses
  • Certain features are only available with more expensive packages.


  • Massachusetts Real Estate Board Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) of Connecticut

The online real estate courses offered by Freedom Trail Realty School take a distinctive approach. It offers a reciprocal licensing program that entitles you to a real estate license in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Massachusetts has completed real estate reciprocity with Connecticut and Rhode Island but only requires 40 hours of schooling.

Future agents who want a range of course formats and materials, such as on-demand videos, audiobooks, livestreamed lectures, online tutoring sessions, and a pass guarantee can earn their real estate license with Freedom Trail Realty. Overall, Freedom Trail Realty is among the finest online real estate courses in CT due to the diversity of features and course selections.

Additional Freedom Trail Realty Features

Easy to access: 

All devices may access online courses

Length of course access: 

For a year, Freedom Trail Realty courses are valid.

Customer support:

Live chat assistance and a comprehensive FAQ section

Exam prep and support tools: 

a lot of features and resources, such a job board, recruiting, digital flashcards for real estate, and online instruction with the Summit plan

How We Evaluated the Top Real Estate Schools in Connecticut

In contrast to other states, Connecticut makes it relatively easy to become a real estate agent and keep your license active. Choosing a good real estate school can help you become ready for the real estate exam and for a successful profession, allowing you to take advantage of your license needs. Based on factors like student feedback, learning styles, and customer support, we assessed a number of the top online real estate programs in CT to identify the ones that can accelerate your real estate education.

According to our research, The CE Shop is the top-rated accredited online real estate school in Connecticut, earning a total score of 4.9 out of 5. Its innovative and captivating course platform, pass guarantee, and selection of CE course subjects helped it claim the top rank.


Making the appropriate decision when it comes to an online real estate school is essential to developing a successful career in the field. Three excellent choices that provide top-notch instruction and resources for aspirant real estate professionals are the Connecticut School of Real Estate, Real Estate Express, and Kaplan Real Estate Education. Take the time to evaluate your learning style and requirements before choosing a school because each one has certain capabilities. Keep in mind that investing in your education is an investment in your success in the future. Entrance to a lucrative profession in Connecticut’s real estate market is unlocked by taking the plunge and enrolling in a respected online real estate school.


Q1. Are online real estate courses as effective as traditional classroom-based courses?

Yes, online real estate courses may be just as useful as those that take place in a traditional classroom. They give convenience, flexibility, and frequently interactive learning opportunities that accommodate various learning styles. However, it’s crucial to pick a credible online institution that provides a thorough curriculum, knowledgeable professors, and enough assistance.

Q2. Can I complete the online real estate courses at my own pace?

Yes, you may finish the courses at your own speed with the majority of online real estate colleges. You can successfully juggle your education and other obligations thanks to this flexibility. To guarantee success and timely course completion, it is crucial to practice discipline and set up a study program.

Q3. Will these online real estate schools prepare me for the licensing exam?

Absolutely. Comprehensive test preparation is a top priority for the Connecticut-recommended online real estate courses. They offer thorough study materials, mock tests, and advice from qualified teachers. You will be well-prepared to pass the license exam if you rigorously complete the curriculum and use the exam preparation materials.

Q4. Can I receive ongoing support after completing the online courses?

Yes, a lot of reliable online real estate colleges provide help even after the course is over. This assistance may take the form of information on resources, networking possibilities, career counselling, and updates on market trends. When choosing an online school, be careful to ask about the alternatives for post-course assistance.

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