The Best Roofing Service In Orlando

In addition to excellent residential roofing services, we provide commercial solutions for business owners, non-profit organizations, or corporate buildings. We offer free written estimates and a dedicated team of experts ready to expedite your home or business roof repair or replacement process.

We serve most of Central Florida and are always prepared to keep the community protected from the elements as we see more and more changes in storm severity and weather patterns.

We use high-quality Roof Repair materials with wind resistance ratings up to 130 miles per hour.
Our workers have been trained to carry out their work efficiently and following preventive security measures. Our installers are experienced in maintaining and exceeding the requirements of the Florida Building Code.

Call us today and schedule your free estimate, or fill out the form and one of our friendly agents will contact you via email or phone and find the most convenient time for your schedule.


We offer Service in Spanish and we are available in most cities in Central Florida.

We offer fair prices and the best quality of service with your satisfaction as the main focus. Whether you need a small repair on your residential roof, or a completely new installation on your commercial roof, count on the best roofing team in Orlando! Schedule a professional and free inspection today!

Residential Roofs

One of the priorities of our work team is the service in Spanish that we offer to our Hispanic community. We have years of experience in residential and commercial roofing. We work with the best and most resistant materials to ensure that your family or business will be protected against the rain, wind, and occasional hail storms that we experience in Central Florida.

Commercial Roofs

If your commercial roof needs repairs or perhaps a new installation, schedule an appointment today. Our specialists have years of experience with commercial roofing. This knowledge combined with an honest work team and fair and affordable prices, our commercial roofing services are the best option to take care of your investment. Our inspections are free, professional, fast and accurate.


Unique Home Mejoras de Bordentown, NJ, está aquí para reparar, revitalizar y reemplazar techos en aplicaciones residenciales y comerciales.

residential roofing

If your roof shows signs of damage (like missing or chipped shingles), your home feels unusually drafty, or you’re noticing water damage spots appearing on your roof, it’s probably time to have your roof inspected. Our team will go through your entire roof carefully, looking for any evidence of deterioration. If we see any issues, we’ll quote you an estimate and get to work repairing your roof. However, sometimes the problems can be so severe that a major refurbishment or replacement may be necessary. We mainly work with asphalt and wood shingle roofs, which must be replaced every 15 = 30 years. We will work with you to find the ideal solution to your roofing problem and help you protect your home.

commercial roofing

Commercial roofing, also known as purpose-built roofing, can present its own unique set of challenges. Buildings that house businesses can be much larger than houses and can use different types of roofs. While most houses have sloped roofs, most businesses have flat roofs often made of TPO or EDPM rubber. If your roof is damaged, that can lead to a whole host of problems for your business. Some of your inventory may go bad and customers spend less time shopping due to less than ideal conditions. You may even need to shut down your trade entirely if the problem worsens. Fortunately, Unique Home Improvements can help protect your business with our expert roofing and replacement services.

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